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M43 Kydex ?

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Jul 16, 2018
I'm thinking I would like a sheath that a sash or belt could go through and wrap around my waist . Preferably at around an angle of roughly 45 degrees or so . Pancake construction will suffice . It should possibly have some sort of slits/openings on both edges of the sheath for said sash to pass through ? Anyone interested in taking on such a task . If so a pic of how you'd go about it would be nice and we'll discuss me commissioning your services . Thanks in advance .
You did see "kydex" in the title, right?

Ooops, got caught up in reading the description in the OP. Apart from the material, that might have been something for the sheath maker in question. Good catch, thanks.
(maybe delete the '@' in the quote. Looks like your quote is 'active' and sending him a notification as well? Not that it makes much of a difference at this point:)).
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For those not up on the lingo, he's got a good size khukuri he's needing some plastic pants for:)

I have dabbled in kydex, but I never got the hang of it and it didnt give me the sense of satisfaction like leather does, so I cant even offer the most amateur (dirt cheap) of services, unfortunately.

Good luck!
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