MagnaCut Round 3, heat treated, and in transit to the shop

Along with the two I had down for R&D, I'll be holding some others for the exchange folks who might not be around the forum yet or certain they can jump in at this time.

If nobody buys the Ulu, maybe we could fit me a Round Knife in that corner?
Received your PM as well Robert, and all the blades have been cut already. I know you got my PM response, but just saying it here as well, as I would not want to appear to be ignoring your kind inquiry. :)

Another Prevail Wharncliffe is reserved.


That leaves five blades left that are up for claiming.
I wouldn't think that. I commented here in case you saw it first. Oh well, I tried. Thanks, David.
You're very welcome Robert, and I hope to have another opportunity to serve you.
I would be happy to Robert. I just don't yet know when that will be. I am still buffering abrasives at this time, and after that my next investment will be a run of 8670. Possibly after that I can set up another MagnaCut run.
Hey that's a cool idea. Just not something my shop is set up for; I'm strictly stock removal at this time. Also, the sheet was never in my possession, and the order I made with the laser cutter was for the blanks only, so he'll keep and presumably discard the excess.
Blanks were in final tempering cycles as of yesterday, except for the huge one, which Peter's heat treated, due to its size. It is in Canada, and has been released from customs. I should see it soon. And the axe, Jarod is building a new shop and a larger furnace, so that one may be a while yet.