MagnaCut Run 2023 (delays carried it over to 2024)

Not this time, sorry.


You lost count, didn't you!

I would have been disappointed if you hadn't.
I'm not going to count, but just eyeballing it says at least 85 knives, almost 90.
If if anyone did take the time to count, I stated how many blades it was on Friday.
The sheet is now in the possession of Jarod Todd, and I have emailed him the CAD file with all the designs nested on the sheet. Between Empire Outfitters, commissions, ROFRS, collaborations, some of my own existing designs and others I'm releasing and/or developing this year, I ended up with 86 blades total on the sheet, my largest volume in a single run to date. To anyone who was looking to get on the run and didn't make it onto the sheet this time, thank you for your interest, and hopefully I'll be able to serve you in the future.

I'm not going to count, but just eyeballing it says at least 85 knives, almost 90.

I had to go back and look. My guess was pretty close, when responding to tinfoil hat timmy tinfoil hat timmy who thought he saw about 75 knives..
After my local waterjet guys dropped the ball on the last order

I had time to review old emails.... so I just sent this email to the guys:

My email said:
I've reviewed correspondence from previous orders I submitted with you guys, and you have told me the tolerances before. It is unfortunate that I submitted designs that didn't fit the tolerance and also that nobody noticed before cutting. But because you had told them to me in previous orders, I will be taking responsibility for the extra costs that Jarod will bill me for hand filing the jimping on these blades. I appreciate that you were willing to do so, but I cannot bring myself to take you up on it. Thank you, and I look forward to the next time we do business together.
Yes. One might be tempted to argue they didn't look closely enough at the files I sent to catch the oversight, but I am the one who put them in that position in the first place.
That is a tough one - it still would have been nice if they had caught the mistake and notified you before cutting.
Yes, but what is done is done, and Jarod did the jimping for me with a 20 line per inch file I sent him, which in my opinion cuts superior jimping to what I had programmed into the designs in CAD. Laser and waterjet tolerances simply cannot do 20 LPI jimping, never mind plasma cutters - at least not the ones owned by service providers I have been in contact with so far, and the jimping I programmed took that into account.

I find myself zooming in on the hawkish blade with small thumb ramp that is the second blade down from the big chopper in the middle. It seems like a nice EDC for me.
What are you calling that, availability..... ?
brough brough it is an R&D knife, but I have you down as interested for if and when I decide to sell it. Thank you for your interest!
That is awesome David. I have been eyeing up the Riverhawk, and that one seems to be larger by just enough to make it hit the sweet spot for me.

I think I might get warmed up by ordering a Riverhawk from New River next week. That subtle hawkbill really does it.

Be sure to message me when you do brough brough , I am giving everyone who buys a River Hawk from Jason $10 shop credit.
FOG2 FOG2 you did not order an EDChef on this run. You ordered this:

Any extra EDChefs?

I have since set up a run in 15N20 if you would like to try the EDChef in carbon steel. The steel thickness is 1/16th, so knives on this run will be super slicers. At this time there are two unclaimed. No deposits required for knives on that run, just good faith commitment (ROFR).