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Makhaira Recurve (re)

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Jul 24, 2018

Makhaira is the old greek term for "fighting knife". Although this blade is geared more towards work than actually fighting. I wanted to create something that resembled a Greek Kopis, but at the same remained useful in size for todays woodsman such as a bowie. Therefore the Makhaira Recurve was born.

On this particular knife the overall length is 13 inches. The standard hammer texture in the blade is a true hammer texture. The finish was sandblasted, blued, neutralized, and then lightly polished with a scotch brite abrasive in order to keep the surface shiny while leaving the hammer craters blued. The size thickness of blade material is 3/16 thick, which is also CERTIFIED through mcmaster carr. My 1095 is certified in order to prove to customers exactly what their getting, and whats in it. The handle is made of a dark redwood burl which has been stabilized by me in a vacuume chamber using stabilizing resign to impregnate the woods pores increasing its hardness. I chose micarta pins for looks, and a 5/16 stainless steel lanyard tube for rust prevention. Assembled with high strength epoxy with a 4000 psi rating. On the liners I used g10 material olive on black on olive with black being the thicker liner. I am asking 250 for this knife. Feel free to ask me any questions reguarding this knife or my process. I do have cad prints available for prospective buyers, as well as test video of edge retension. I have full confidence in this knife and would trust my life to it. Thanks for looking.

PSX_20190211_212905.jpg PSX_20190211_213143.jpg PSX_20190211_213028.jpg
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