Mammoth ivory solid chunk over 2 pounds


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Dec 4, 2010
I'm in a cutting up fossil materials mood, and have a lot of raw ivory to make into scales. This is a solid block that might be of interest. 5 inches tall about (over) 2 inches a side. $390 Many purposes, like pistol grips, lots of custom scales (save a lot of money cutting sets yourself) . This has been aged several years. I have been a fossil dealer over 20 years. I do not want to mix up all the places I have an item listed for sale, so prefer to direct everyone to my web site to buy as it automatically keeps track of inventory and marks it sold, has all the payment methods, ways to contact me set up and such. The site has links to YouTube video of me finding the fossils, more information, like how to work with fossils that might help. Guessing at a glance, this block should make at least 10 ordinary sets for skinner knives- so that's only $39 a set. A bandsaw and a sander, is all you need. This has 2 flat sides to orient cuts for even cutting.