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Maple fighter....and a hunter....

Apr 8, 2003
Hey All,
It's been a while since I've posted pics...just had these done by Coop...and well you know...I figured I would post em.:D
Fighter is 1080 (1"sq. bar)
Hunter is 1084
Both have nickle silver fittings and curly maple handles.
Sheaths made by me.
All comments good or bad are welcome.
Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.

i like the first one best but both are beautiful, i really like the sheath work very nice. how long it take on average to make a sheath like the first 1?
Sweet, bro!
Is that fighter a new shape for you? I don't remember seeing one like that...

Positively LOVE the maple... the finish and the stain are perfect! The hunter would make a nice compliment to my wife's knife... kind of a 'His n' Her's' thing. I'll bet both have been spoken for -- and for quite a while before they were made, knowing you.
very,very nice Mace:thumbup: I'll take the fighter ;) kind of a Bill Moran looking handle. I like it :) :thumbup: The hunter is sweet too,but that fighter Rocks!
Wow! Ain't dat purdy:cool: I like a good sunset but...
I like them both Mace. You're definitely developing your own style. As Matt said, the finishing job on the maple is great, probably partly because Coop's pictures show it off so well. Does the NS on the hunter have the same pale yellow cast as the picture? I like it that way.
damn man nice job about time you got something done you slacker
good thing ABS doesn't give time limits on their JS tests:rolleyes:

man those things are sweet. yeah you definately got a good style going on there.
nice work man
Great work Mace, Is that a new Tang stamp? I've got to get back to your shop one of these days....:thumbup:
no dont' say that you don't wanna be like Mace, or make anything like Mace.
aspire to make knives like someone of worth to the knife community:D :D
very nice mace sorry i couldnt make it tonight
i hope ill be making some things worth posting about soon.
with the forge here i almost have a shop.

vinny :D
Thanks for all the great comments!:D

Dakota, The sheath seems like it takes a day...but more like 3-4 hours.

Matt, Sorry bro...both are sold. But if your interested call or e-mail me............I got one no one knows about:cool: ....

Dan, I think thats just something Coop does with the photo.

Spanky...Spanky...Spangler............Hows that guard comming on that colabiration knife?

Ray...new word...absish......hmmm

Bill, These are not any of the test knives.... these are actually knives I have made since I got my stamp. Spangler would have you think otherwise.:rolleyes: I have been making knives ....Really.:thumbup:

Louis, Just call and come by the shop any time.

Mike...."Don't say you DON'T want to be like Mace".......? Are you saying don't call you a dumbass!

Matt, He beat you to being a dumbass!......:D

Rook, The stain is brown leather dye mixed with some alcohol to lighten it....the finnish is close to 30 coats of oil.

Craig.....Dude...been waiten to see some of your stuff. Post something!

Thanks again guys....it's always nice to hear.
Even you Mike...;) ....and Matt.:D ...Bastids.