Maple fighter....and a hunter....


Very nice indeed :thumbup: . The only thing I see that could use improvement, would be that handle material. Just to help you out, I'll come over and take that lackluster Curly Maple off you hands :eek: just so you're not tempted to use it again. And your leather work compliments the knives very well.

Like I said, just give me a call and I'll drive right over and grab that nasty chunk of Curly Maple :D , and being that you're such a sweet guy, I won't charge you for the gas that I have to use to make the trip.

Larry T
mace: no comment:rolleyes:

Larry: good to see ya around here buddy. you let me know when you get that maple from mace you can bring it here i know the proper way to dispose of ugly woods like that:cool:
You might have to drive Larry down in the trunk of your know he's not allowed in the state!:eek: But when you do come down you know you guys are welcome to as much of my "wood" as you can handle.:eek:
I've got a couple of nice burls to show you too!:D