Marketing question?

Oct 2, 1998
Well we would like to know what is the average purchase price of our members. So add up your collection and divide it by the total and let us know.

My guess is the average purchase price is $75...

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I'm at about $65, Mike, but I pretty much only buy when things are on sale.

$132.00 and some change.

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)
A $9 Colonial slipjoint, a $1 chinese keychain knife, a $7 Philippine-made fixed blade. That's a $5.66 average.

Nope, Mike. I'm not you're average buyer.

Didn't include the Military I won, two Gigands and one ATS-34 Jim Wharton hunter (soon) I received as a trade.
Oh Boy!!! Thanks, now I know I'm nuts. $359.28

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$115.00 Of coarse that may change if i ever get a Kestral a Vector a Patriot a James Bro OTF etc,etc

$300, but most of my stuff is Microtech. The numbered versions are evened out by the BMs, Spydercos, etc.
So far about $70 and rising.


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I do pretty well finding sales I guess.

Average is just under $50, Cdn.

And yes, I have some pretty nice stuff.
Around $65.00. This doesn't mean I will pay $65.00 automatically for a knife I like, though, it's just an average of my knife collection.

About $65 for the NIB stuff, almost all on sale.

About $30 for the eBay, flea market, antique shop and previously owned stuff.
$115 "when they were new." Two were bought used, one has become rare and gone higher than original price, and one has been modified in ways that should increase its value. But if I bought 'em all at street price, that's about what it'd be.


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Recent average (last 6 months) is $122, but more important to me is the ceiling: $150.
1 Spyderco Military
BF Native (excellent!!)
about $110

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