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Martial Arts Tapes And Dvd's For Trade


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Sep 5, 2005
I have lots of video tapes and a few DVD's for trade:
SILAT-Silat Sapic Kalo 5 tapes
-progresion of destruction with William Sanders 1DVD
-Silat concepts vol1-2 with Joseph simonet
-Hawaian Lua with Master Solomon Kaihewalu 1 DVD

-Combat silat-vol1 vol5 with Victor De Thuars 2 DVD's
Kun Tao Silat Seminars-Legwork 1tape
-Seminars 1tape
-Djuru Satu 1tape
Kyusho-Kyusho jitsu street fighting-Practical Applications of Nerve Attack
Methods with Vince Morris 1 tape
-Kyusho Jitsu for Law Enforcement with Vince Morris 1 tape
-Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do with Vince Morris 1 tape
-Paladin-press Black Medicine the video 1tape
-Authentic Pressure points 1-5 with Scott Rogers 5 DVD
-Secrets of Sanchin Master Gary Rooks 1 DVD
-Advanced Kyusho-Limited edition DVD filmed at Dillman's 60th birthday 1DVD
-Kyusho jitsu -Knife Method- with Evan Pantazi 1tape
-Humane pressure points for police with George Dillman 1tape
-Pain Points-with Robert Bussey 1tape

Knife fighting

-Tactikal Folder-W.HOCK HOCKHEIM 1 tape

-4 VHS-NTSC-tapes with Michael D.Janich-from paladinpress-for sale:
1-Fighting folders -the definitive guide to personal defense with tactical folding knives
2-Advanced fighting folders vol:1-2
3-Mastering fighting folders vol:1
-Reverse Grip Knife Fighting 1 tape with James A.Keating
-Special Forces Combatives Knife Fighting vol1-3 3 tapes
TRS-Production-Savage Street Fighting vol 1-3 with Cris Clugston 3 tapes
-Combracc Bras vol1-2 with Cris Clugston 2 tapes
-Combat JKD vol 1-2 with Cris Clugston 2 tapes
-Killer instinct vol1-3 with Demi Barbitos 3 tapes
How to build a street fighter in 40 hours with Tom Cruse 3 tapes
-Small Man's Advantage 2 tapes with Bob Taylor
-Secrets of Russian Combat-3 tapes with Yalana Pawella
-Fight to Win 3 tapes with Jim West
-Seal Team Unarmed Combat Course 3 tapes with Frank Cucci
-Active Duty -Delta -Charlie-2 tapes with Dale Comstock
-Secrets of Modern Profesional Warriors vol1 2tapes vol2 1 tape
-Lethal on Contact with Billy Burke 1DVD

-Hwa Rang Sul-the clave 1 tape
Special Forces Combatives 5 video tapes
Vee Arnis Jitsu vol1-2-5-6 4tapes with David James
Paladin-press Extrema CQC 1 TAPE
Solo Training 1 DVD with Loren W. Christensen

BOOKS-Pah chum do of wing chun by Dunn Wah
-Secret techniques of wing chun-Bil Jee by K.T.Chao
-Explosive Combat Wing Chun vol1-vol2 by Alan Lamb
-Shing yi chuan -by master Liang Shou -Yu
I would trade for fixed blade knives only cabon steel and folders spyderco benchmade and maxpedition gear.This is how it works : if you find something you like you will fire me an email or pm me with your offer.If I like your offer we will work something out.My email is csabacanada@freemail.hu
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