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Massdrop Gavko Thresher BNIB


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Oct 10, 2015
Hey Bladeforums, I wanna put this BNIB Massdrop/Gavko Thresher up for sale. Only taken out of box for inspection and pics. Seems to be perfect in every way I can think of. No issues. This is the Big Eye/Aqua version that's $199 direct from Massdrop. I'm asking $160 NOW $old paypal shipped!!! Includes pp fees and shipping.

US only
PM or email any questions. I work nights and sleep during the day but will get back with you.
Prompt payment please
Thanks!thresher1.jpg thresher2.jpg thresher3.jpg thresher4.jpg thresher5.jpg
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Hey man i'm interested in this very much, only thing is i gotta wait till friday when i get paid. So if it's still here by then ill take it. Thanks
I'll take it! Get me your PayPal and I'll have funds sent promptly
Thank you Bobby