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Mayo'd Seb, Geno Dennings

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Dec 13, 2003
Mayo'd Seb Lge Reg Carried and light use, Sharpened sharpmaker, very slight scuff on clip. Nice hole pattern (chamf'd) Anno'd pattern end to end is grey/blue/grey blue. Sorry my pics do not represent. TNT smooth
$390 US Shipped

Geno Denning

2 new very nice uncarried hunters here. Both have tapered tangs with red liners. Man, can he make a nice thin ground sharp knife.

1. Semi skinner 4" ATS 34 perfect hoolow ground marked "denning 2003" and "003" on tang behine guard. 8.5" o/l Desert Ironwood handle, comfy and contoured. Brown leather foldover sheath signed by maker $180US Shipped.

2.***SOLD*** Model B 3.5" ATS 34 hollow ground marked "Denning 2004" and "0078" on tang behind guard. 7 & 3/4" o/l. Black micarta Loveless style handle. Neat feature is a micarta guard that Geno adds to this model on request-so tough that Geno says "it will stand up to anything except a sword fight". Black leather foldover sheath signed by maker. $130 shipped***SOLD***

Sorry, no trades.