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McLux TK2003 custom flashlight

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Jul 1, 2002
--light has been TRADED and is GONE--

Anyone want a McLux TK2003? The original Skunk Works "Turnkey" light on CPF, serial number 128. No modifications or alterations, great condition (some marks from carrying on the clip, a few tiny nicks on the bezel), works fine. It's set up with no reflector (you can add one if you want)--gives you a soft flood beam and you can see the glow-in-the-dark epoxy that seals the emitter.

I hate to see it go but I'd much rather see it go to someone who wants it more than I.

As far as trades, high-end production lights (Surefire, etc), knives, air guns, machining equipment, digital cameras or Minolta film SLR stuff, hi-fi power amplifier, etc. Will entertain almost any idea.


could you tell me a little more about it? ive never heard of this brand, but it looks very interesting.

It's a flashlight that was produced by a group of engineers and machinists on Candlepowerforums. Primarily the idea of "McGizmo", who makes a whole range of custom lights. The TH2003 was made in low volume.

Body is machined aluminum, pocket clip is engraved titanium. LED is a 1W Lux driven by a BB400 regulator, from one CR123 battery. Has a tail-end clickie switch. This one has no reflector as mentioned, but you can get either a flood reflector or a focusing optic if you want.
I Have an SF e2d defender with holster and lanyard that came with it.+ 6 new batteries. Its basically new in box, just tried for less than five minutes. Let me know.
And still available. Everyone still hung over from First Night? These are rare lights.
What's the approx lumens on this light? I have an E1L with a Tad Gear TIC attached that I might be interested in trading. I don't know anything about the light or if that's even a fair trade. If you're interested in my E1L, I'd like a little more info on your light please. Overall length? Lumens? Water resistent?
I'm not sure of lumens, uses a 1W Q-bin Luxeon. It's 4" long, water-resistant, and the head is interchangable with E-series heads. With used SF's a trade would be somewhere in the L2, L5, or U2 range.

Hideo, drop me an email at abtomat47 at aol.com