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Medford Midi Marauder

Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by Mikey13folsom, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Mikey13folsom

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    Sep 17, 2016
    Up for grabs today,
    Hinderer vintage bowie 3.5" with textured scale in mint condition. Basically it's brand new, I've only fondled and admired it, never carried or cut, dropped or marred. Flips great and detent is nice enough to allow a snappy thumb stud deploy. Lockup is perfect, it was a grail of mine, but I just can't carry it because I don't want to beat the hell out of it. Comes with tri way parts, original box, tactical peanuts. Someone will enjoy it, asking $old shipped g&s, which is less than I paid while hunting this beautiful bastard down.

    Medford Midi Marauder in excellent condition, if its been carried and used, I can't really tell. Just bought it, and its a tad too small for my tastes (I have fat hands), so I'm moving it for what I paid for, or better offer at $old shipped g&s. This is a s35vn model, deployment is smooth finger flick-wise, lockup is solid, doesn't look scratched or marred on the (what I assume is) black pvd finished handle. Comes with Medford case and dog tag. Would consider trading up to a full sized model or a fighter flipper.

    Emerson CQC-7a in excellent condition with some nice extras. It currently has carbon fiber scales mounted, with upgraded Ti oversized standoffs, emerson deep carry clip, satin hardware, and a Ti thumb disc that matches the current theme perfectly, installed. Comes with additional factory black richlite scales and an extra Ti thumb disc, but no factory hardware. I can include a plain black emerson clip if you'd like. Deploys much better on its current Teflon/PB washer combo set up with lithium grease, locks up solid with no play. For some reason, lockup is later with the CF scales mounted, but with factory scales, lockup becomes a little earlier. I love this knife, but it doesn't get carried often enough. Asking $old shipped g&s for this rad package of stuff, which is EASILY more if purchased separate, I bought the knife new at $180 alone.

    Thanks for looking, I am open to respectful offers and possible trades from reputable (references provided) individuals, deals on multiples. More pics and videos available as well.

    Imgur link to pics and videos:
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