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Mega Fanger Repost/Redux

Discussion in 'For Sale: Fixed Blades' started by John Cahoon, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. John Cahoon

    John Cahoon JWC Custom Knives Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Apr 13, 2017
    Hi Everybody, Here’s a new to me design I’m offering, called Mega Fangers cause I like to make up words as well as knives.
    19-32 1.JPG 19-32 2.JPG 19-32 3.JPG 19-32 4.JPG 19-32 5.JPG 19-32-6.JPG

    Steel .20” 5160 with professional HT to 60/61 hand sanded to 1500 grit for a reflective satin finish.

    Edge before sharpening was .010” or so and the blade glides through phone book paper, leather, rope etc.

    Dimensions: 12” OAL, Tip to Scales 7 1/4”, Width about 2”. Balances at the ricasso and feels great in my average sized hand.

    The sculpted scales are Bubinga sanded to 1200 grit with red racing stripes. It’s finished with multiple coats of Danish oil and carnauba wax, then buffed. The 5/32" pins and ¼” tube are stainless steel.

    Was $190 NOW only $175! Paypal, check or MO to your door and of course your satisfaction is my only priority. Feel free to ask any questions or request more info, full res photos or close ups etc. Thanks for lookin !

    John Cahoon

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