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Microtech Ammends Lawsuit against KAI

Discussion in 'Knife Laws' started by Hopweaver, May 20, 2017.

  1. Hopweaver


    Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  2. Nautique


    May 15, 2016
    Microtech to me, is just an overpriced Mantis.
  3. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Platinum Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    It's good to see that Microtech has really committed to sucking. Follow your passion and all that . . .
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  4. MarkN86


    Sep 3, 2012
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  5. Blues Bender

    Blues Bender Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2014
    Good Lord...

    How long are people going to peek in on the Microtech-KAI circle jerk? This will be nothing more than a thread full of gossip. Get a life...
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  6. brancron

    brancron Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 14, 2011
    If you take a look at the emails between Welk and Sculimbrene attached as exhibits, they don't support any of the new claims Microtech is seeking to make, e.g., that Welk became Sculimbrene's "handler," that KAI played an "active role in creating the [allegedly] defamatory article," etc. All of this is just complete drivel.

    I am trying to think of a way for Microtech and Marfione to make themselves look any worse in this situation, and I'm coming up with nothing.
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
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  7. jimmyd1982

    jimmyd1982 Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 23, 2011
    Yeah they are really shooting themselves in the foot. They have been added to my "never buy" list. On the flip side I'm probably going to pick up a Natrix when they are back in Stock.
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  8. Jordan@DLT

    [email protected] Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Jul 22, 2014
    Has it been for sale yet?

    I'm kinda curious if they're delaying those until the lawsuit is over.
  9. jimmyd1982

    jimmyd1982 Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 23, 2011
    I haven't seen them in stock anywhere.
    I don't see why they would have to delay them for the lawsuit, microtech isn't suing them over the design of the knife... especially since it's Kershaw's design lol. They are suing because the article supposedly harmed their business (not microtech's actions that led to the article being written :rolleyes:), which is funny because all the negative attention they are bringing on themselves by suing Kai and the blogger is hurting their business way more than the article ever could have.
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  10. Insipid Moniker

    Insipid Moniker Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    There's this amazing thing you can do where if you see a topic you're tired of you DON'T click on the thread! It's revolutionary!
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  11. Blues Bender

    Blues Bender Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2014
    But isn't this where we discuss knives? The topic is about a lawsuit...
  12. rxavage


    Aug 16, 2014
    a lawsuit... about knives!
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  13. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    Days Since Last Letting Go

  14. jbmonkey

    jbmonkey Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 9, 2011
    in on first page.......this should be fun to see how long it lasts.
  15. Insipid Moniker

    Insipid Moniker Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    A lawsuit that one KNIFE company is filing about another KNIFE company that largely concerns KNIFE design and an article written about an upcoming KNIFE? I think we're covered on that front.

    I'm not unsympathetic (grammatically correct double negative FTW!) to those who are tired of hearing about it, honestly, but I also think it's pretty interesting, on topic and potentially has ramifications that could have a fairly broad impact on both the industry and enthusiasts and reviewers that follow the industry.
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  16. Phixt


    May 28, 2016
    But...dude's weavin hop, a "Maestro of malt."

    Anyone watch those dirty Senators last night? Bobby Ryan does a full-body charge driving-elbow with Kung fu-follow-thru to the nose of Ruhwedel--giving him a concussion and putting him out indefinitely--and what do the refs do? Give the Pens a penalty for Ian Cole dragging Ryan to the ice and shaking him by the collar of his jersey. My point? Justice is a bitch.

    I thought this was relevant twofold: From an injustice standpoint, and I heard Happy Gilmore tried taking his skate off once and stabbing somebody with it, so that's kinda knife related.
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  17. Popsickle

    Popsickle Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    I've never owned a microtech, and I've owned many ZT/KAI. I am still considering buying my first microtech stitch. A lawsuit between two companies is on them..... I learned a long time ago that it's not worth my time to worry myself about getting somewhat involved in the arguments of others. If I was friends with some one who works for either company.... maybe I would be singing a different tune. I can understand fans taking sides for their favorite brands, but this is taking it a bit far. Thanks for the heads up on the law suit, but I will continue to make my knife choice based on what I NEED in a knife. Not condoning or condemning anything either company has done..... I just don't see the need to be concerned with it.

    Both companies are US made, use high quality materials, and depending on your tastes.... make great knives.

    If either was lying about the above sentence...... I'd have an issue
  18. Blues Bender

    Blues Bender Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2014
    Every recent KAI/MT thread is just "Marfione bad, me no like Tony". Very little knife content...
  19. Lapedog

    Lapedog Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    With Guardian Tactical around now you can get a Microtech knife without going to Microtech. Still Marfione seems to have some hand in Guardian I've seen some of their customs have blades ground by him.
  20. austonh

    austonh Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 26, 2012
    They collaborated with him on a few models, where he simply added a custom blade to their handles, but he does not have a hand in Guardian Tactical. They are a family owned business comprised of 1 ex-microtech employee, his parents, and one other ex-microtech employee.

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