Microtech LCC, first impressions

Oct 20, 1998
I got my Microtech LCC yesterday and I am stunned.
My first impression was, "Mighty" It is built like a tank, but nevertheless a true beauty to behold.
It is a fantastic piece of work, in my humble opinion. The tight tolerances and overall fit and finish are almost scary. As it is quite big and a bit on the heavy side, some people might find it too bulky for everyday carry.
But its rounded shape and well placed pocket clip makes up for the weight.
The handle is comfortable and fits my large hands well. The blade came razor sharp. It is thick, wide and has rather wide bevels as well. It performed well in the kitchen when I had some tomatoes and onions that needed to be mutilated

This is probably the last knife I will ever buy

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The reason the LCC is big and heavy..
Thats the exact way Greg builds his Customs..
Microtech has done an absolute incredible job on the LCC..
Every detail is that of Greg's Knives..
Take Care..

Murray Haday
ProEdge Knives
Tel: 905 328 8212
I love my LCC, even though it is nearly EVERYTHING I think a carry knife SHOULDN't be!!!

too heavy
too fat
clip t0o small
blade too long
blade too fat
dual thumb studs

But...I still plan to carry this fine specimen until my next toy, a BM 940, arrives next week!!!

Take care!
I've had my LCC for about a month now and I think it is the best knife I own. Everytime I look at it I'm amazed at the finish of the knife. The liners, bolsters, and scales all fit absolutely perfect. They look like they were finished by hand. The only shortcomming the knife has, in my opinion, is the pocket clip. I like the size of it, but I don't like the holes in it. It has made the clip weak and it bends easily. That is just a small complaint about a knife that I think is perfect in every other way.
This is knife is simple amazing, I mean everything about it is amazing. Now i just have to figure a way to stop playing with it or just looking at it so often. WARNING: This knife is ADDICTIVE to play with or look at.
Sharp edge is right you just can't put this knife down. It's the best knife I've picked up in a couple of years.
ok ok ok, my MT LCC is on the way, after listening to all you people, how can i go wrong.

now what? might as well tell me now what's the next knife to buy.
I'm with you 2Sharp, I can't wait till the DA's arrive! This has got to be the single nicest knife,(side opener) Microtech has put out to date. As everyone else here has stated, it's hard to put the thing down. Can't wait till the production CFO II's arrive as well.

I just received mine yesterday and can't put it down.

Smooth lines, solid lock up, a real user.

First impressions.

Bigger then expected
Needs to be lubed up

I usually will never recommend something without using it for so time but this knife begs to be used and used hard, so I have no problem telling all to grab one when they can. The price is too good for this type of quality. I would say its as close to custom as one can get.

Hey ya all,

Are you collectin' or usin' the LCC?

If usin', for what purpose(s)?

Has anyone compared it to the SOCOM Elite for form and function?

Hello Gents,, Well, I have bought 3 LCC's and I plan to use & collect them both
As a Lightfoot custom buyer, I am amazed at the quality & function of these underpriced works of art compared to what I had been paying for similar pieces from Greg. I attended the "Blade show West" in Costa Mesa CA a couple of weeks ago walking around the show with my 3 LCC boxes. Most other dealers and makers were shocked at the quality of these as well as the price
Better get on board quickly because this classic is going up in price when the dealers run out..
Thanks Larry C.
I think this is a great knife for the money. I was was blown away by the quality. The one thing I was disapointed about was the clip, the "lip" at the end of the clip is a little steep and tends to catch on things. It also is not quit sturrdy enough for a larger folder like the LCC. Unfortuatly I was sitting up and the clip caught on a chair and almost bent it all the way off. The good news is that Microtech gladly replaced it at no cost and gave me excelent service.
Just received my LCC today (thanks to Murray from Proedge for the excellent and quick service). My first impressions of the knife. Whoa! Much beefier than I was expecting. Incredible lockup, with Microtech precision tolerances and attention to detail. The action was a little stiff the first dozen or so openings, but it quickly loosened up nicely (now it opens very smoothly). The pocket clip with shark logo is fairly short, but allows quick and easy removal of the knife from the pocket. The carbon fiber handle with titanium bolsters is very nice looking, and comfortable in my medium size hand. The blade itself is very solid (5/32" thick?) and maintains its thickness almost to the end of the blade (seems kind of like a cross between a tanto and a clip point). I'm not sure if I like the stonewash finish yet, kinda looks like a galvanized finish. I like a polished or satin finish look, and of the three currently available blade finishes this one is the closest to satin finish. (Since I intended this one to be a using knife), I chose this finish based on other peoples recommendations about the stonewash finish not showing scratches as much. Overall, I really like the feel and handling of this knife, especially after playing with it for a few hours.

Just wanted to add my $.02

It's really taking a lot of will power for me to not buy the LCC.

I didn't think much of this knife before. I thought: "Big deal. A 3.6 inch blade, carbon-fiber scales (yuck!), and a ho-hum handle shape."

Wrong. The more I look at it, the more I understand it. It's a work-of-art and a faithful MT version of Lightfoot's custom model.

What should I do? I'm thinking about cancelling the Special Edition Sifu in D-2 with 1STOPKNIFESHOP and having them ship me a LCC instead.

Do I prefer a naughty bad-girl like Pam Anderson (SIFU), or the elegant beauty of Catherine Zeta Jones (LCC)?

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All I can say is I am extremly happy with my LCC. It is a great user.
When in doubt just get both.
You might as well get ready to buy another LCC. Once the first one gets there you are going to be so impressed at how much knife you get for so little money you will decide to get a different finish. After you buy that one go ahead and get ready to pick up a LCC DA. You will always wonder if you don't. Can't stop until I mention this one; Al Mar SERE 2000, this is a knife's knife!

Full Tang Clan,
Cancel that Sifu and get that LCC as fast as you can! You will not be disappointed. Notice all the positive things being said about the LCC by so many different people, something has to right!

Art Sigmon
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If not for this thread, i wouldn't have bought the MT LCC. There's not a day that goes by that i would not play and stare at my MT LCC.

Thank you all.

Hey Art, i probably read your mind since i already ordered an Al Mar Sere 2000.
Hey man I thought I felt an energy drain!!
You are going to be very pleased when that Al Mar shows up. Let us know what you think of it.

Art Sigmon
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Php. 4:13