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Microtech Makora 1 & Scarab

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Aug 1, 2010
Hi I have 2 hard to find Microtechs 1st is a Makora 1 2003 D/E part serrated it has some ware on the grip tape and the tip is blunt but can easily be fixed by Microtech. Next is 2 tone part serrated Scarab this dose have some ware on the handle but it is in good working order, just back from Microtech with all new springs, grip tape and razor sharp edge.

I can text you some better pic if you included you # in a email to demissie101@gmail.com
Price reduction!!!
asking 550.00 for the Makora and 500 for the Scarab if you interested in both I could do 950
via PayPal at demissie101@gmail.com
same day express shipping on me.

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