May 20, 1999
If you could own only one of these, which one would it be and why. (Interview Question)
hahahah easy one...the SOCOM. They are great...have you ever played with a SOCOM or a Mini-SOCOM??? That'll sway your opinion I bet. No contest, get the SOCOM man. It needs no further explaination. However, the Genesis may better suit your needs though I don't see how really. L8R. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.


+ you can get one in CAMO for $200. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

i have owned both of them and i would definitely go with the socom. the genesis is a great value for the money, but imo, the socom is just more solid.

however, if you are looking to conceal the knife via the clip, then you will probably have a problem with the socom.

I own both, and there's no question that I'd take the Socom. Besides, try holding the Genesis with sweaty hands, and you'll see that it is hard to hang onto.

although i dont currently own either I would say the socom because the lock is sturdy as a boulder and i trust the company (Microtech) .
I like the Socom. I dont own one, although I've played with them before. Just cuz they look so cool..... I'd pick the Socom. (I like that thick blade too)
I really don't see them competing in the same market personally. Could you wear a Microtech with a suit and tie? How about the EDI. In military fatigues, same answer?

Both are great knives. Personally, when I get the A-2 EDI Genesis knives in, one of them will be mine. Those are just too good a knife not to have around. The Microtech's may have more flash and collector value but, those EDI's are just what I'm looking for and, they are a great value!

I guess having just handled my first one I'd like to say something in the Genesis' defense. It has a slightly better blade shape for utility - thinner and higher-ground than the SOCOM clip-point (I won't compare it to the tanto - I'm still unconvinced that blade style has any merit in a folding knife). It has a more open back so it will trap less dirt and clean easier (though I don't personally care for this aesthetically), and for me a more comfortable handle without that MT blocky feel. The Genesis clip also has that great low carry, versus the SOCOM's high riding "it fell out of my pocket" design. Also, I have heard several forumites complain of SOCOM lock failures, and never heard of one on a Genesis - that's anecdotal evidence, though.

Don't get me wrong he SOCOM is a knife-lover's knife: beautiful fit and finish, great attention to detail, and it will hold its value in resale. But if I were buying a knife purely to use, I'd buy the Genesis and pocket the $75-$100 difference.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I have a mini-Socom and an EDI Genesis. I think that both knives have great fit & finish and lock up solidly. I find that I carry the Genesis about 55% of the time while the rest of the time I usually end up carrying a Wegner Jr. I rarely carry the small sebenza and the microtech. They are usually only for playing with in front of the tv or computer. For me, they are more of a collectable type knives and I'm scared of losing or damaging them.
On the Microtech forum, I heard about some guys accidentally dropping the Socom and locking the blade shut. My understanding is that the aluminum scales bent toward the blade so it wouldn't open.
anyone hear about this?
Just received a Microtech mini-SOCOM manual (plain blade, clip point, grey) from Top of Texas Knives (shameless plug for Chris and Marti). This is one smoooooth opener and feels extremely solid in its lock-up. It's small enough that I won't need the clip, which is the basic reason I bought it. It's sharper than anything else I own, bringing me some needed humility, because I thought I could sharpen a knife.

You're probably aware that they use machined aluminum handles. What's interesting about the quality of this piece is that it closes *exactly* in the middle of the handle: the join line between the two scales looks as if it's been drawn with a straight-edge along the exact center of the closed blade. This is a keeper to admire, and a carrying knife in one package.

If it were a matter of $75 difference between the Genesis and the MT, I'd have to agree with Corduroy (after all, we agree about the tanto). It's not that much, though.

The Large Socom is about $75 dollars more than a Genesis. Since they both have 4" blades that is a more accurate comparison.

Anybody here hate how low the SOCOM clip rides on the handle? Thats why I dont carry my SOCOMS-they are a bitch to tote!

The much thinner Genesis blade will simply outcut the SOCOM blade as well, although I understand thats not the most important thing to some of us....
Never owned a Genesis but I love my SOCOM. It fits my hand perfectly and is smoooooth opening. MT redesigned the clip a few months ago and newer SOCOMs ride lower than older ones. I like having a little knife out of the pocket, gives me something to grab a hold of easier than if the knife was all the way in.
Just for the record, The Knife Center of the Internet lists the two knives:

large SOCOM, clip-pointed, coated -
retail $310, their price $215

Genesis, coated (uncoated is slightly less) -
retail $186, their price $125

I've seen slightly lower prices for both knives, but the ratio remains the same. A more accurate picture of the price difference than my "$75-$100" would be about $80-$125, or $100-$150 if we let the uncoated Genesis get in the picture (to say nothing of the Genesis II).

I'm inclined to say if cost isn't a consideration then this is a tough contest to decide. If cost is a consideration then this isn't a contest at all.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
It's always tough choosing the next knife. Mainly because there are soooooo many that I want!! Last weekend I looked at a BM Axis and was ready to buy one. "Unfortunately" I also handled a large SOCOM. Now I'm stuck trying to decide which one. I also looked at the Genesis; nice low carry and also a low price. I'm to the point where I'm looking for a nice "user" knife. A SOCOM may just be the ticket. The biggest concern I have with MT is the how long does the coating on the aluminum handles last before it starts looking ratty?
One of my co-workers had a SOG folder that had rubber inserts (kryton?). He was working around some airplane fuel (kerosine based) and the rubber grips got melted on the knife. The knife is a sticky mess and he doesn't know how it happened exactly (fumes/vapors). He warned me about buying knives with rubber inserts. The MT has inserts.

The EDI Genesis I has G-10 sides which is virtually impervious to any solvent. I have dropped mine plenty times and it works fine (doesn't look bad either). The aluminum handles (MT and others) are softer so it will dent easier and when you scratch it up, it looks ugly. The hard anodizing helps with corrosion , but once it is worn off, the metal is exposed to the elements.

I am into function not looks, given the choice of the two as a daily work knife, I would choose the EDI Genesis I. How many MT owners would jam their knife into the ground to cut up roots and weeds? You can always use the extra money to buy whatever.
I'd go with the SOCOM
, Great knife. There NO one knife that will do everything the best. Folder in general are not as well suited for real dirty jobs because they fold sooner or later they need to be cleaned. If I were going to be cutting roots, "get me my machete".
I don't know about any of you, but I would never use my Socom. If you want a user, get a benchmade or spyderco. The socom is just too expensive and pretty (but nevertheless one of the toughest). Once its finish is marred, its value plummets.
Even though I purchased my SOCOM ma to rotate as a carry knife, in 8 months it has never been out of my house! I don't know why. A beautiful and functional knife. I carry my sebenza, and for all dirty or utility work a Benchmade axis, a police or other. If you buy the SOCOM, you may end up buying another knife as a user.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
What good is any knife, if you don't intend on taking out of the house and using it? I can understand if it was an expensive one of a kind custom knife, or one that was no longer made.

Take those MT SOCOMs out and USE THEM - LOL. Where is that small tree I need to chop down?! -- just kidding guys. Use them and enjoy them. Buy one to use and one to admire?