Microtech SOCOM---->So What?

Jun 19, 1999
Call me a fool(I'm sure some of you will take me up on this), but I don't see anything particularly special about the Microtech SOCOM. Nice looking knife, and it may preform very well, but what sets this knife above others like it? Nothing that I can see. Tell me why this knife is head and shoulders above the rest and I'll buy it, IF I'm convinced.



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I agree with you, It's not all it's cracked up to be. A better knife could come out of Pakistan. That's my opinion. If you want to try one try the Master rip-off, it's much better.
Have you carried one, and don't like it?? Or just don't care for them in general?? I'm just wondering. I don't like the clip placement myself, and the extra money for the name, but other then that they are actually a well made knife. Very nice indeed. I have a friend who has a mini and likes it alot. Luckly for us knife collectors there are hundreds of knives to choose from. And if I can't find anything I like, I can always design my own and have it made by a custom maker. Knives are just great that way.


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"Ignorance is bliss for some people". I'm glad to see such a strong opinion from our fellow forumites, kinda reminds me when i posted a herendous post envolving the spyderco Military, well people, did you handle the SOCOM, this folder is clearly superior to any other factory, or custom liner lock, the tolerances built into the socom will make a swiss engineer go apesh**, the knife is perfect. Please, do me a favor, handle the socom, i bet it will grow on you, the knife is solid, the leaflock is thick and solid, the clip is made in order for the knife to ride high, this is better for fast openings, if your not educated in knife fighting, you just can't apreciate all the design of the socom. Well, hope i didn't affend, see ya.

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Got to agree. I handle more than a few brands of factory knives. IMHO - for what that is worth I have not seen any factories that clearly beat the quality in a SOCOM and only a few have come close to matching it.

Is it worth the difference? That is a question that will easily differ from person to person and can reach to other levels.

Is a hand made knife that might cost 3 to 4 times that of a SOCOM worth it? There are way too many things that can influence that thought for there to be a right or wrong position, but I have also seen a few customs that have it beat as far as quality. Some of those exhibit just as good of a lock up(after all how solid can it get), the action is like silk against silk and the detents closing action is more sharp and distinct.

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Heh, interesting strategy you're employing with your rhetoric. It'll get you attention, but perhaps not the kind you want

In any case, not to be too rough, but I'm not concerned about whether or not you buy a Microtech. Different knives work out for different people, and if you can't see what makes a Microtech tick, maybe it's not for you.

Just so you know, I believe Microtech's biggest advantage is the production values. The quality of production is unmatched in production folders except perhaps for the Sebenza, which costs $100 more. I would think if you had ever handled one, you'd see what I mean immediately.

Beyond that, there are good things and bad things about the SOCOMs. I'm not particularly enamored with the ergonomics or the clip placement, and their liner lock reliability is about average. On the other hand, their grind lines are first rate, and even a tanto-hater like me has to grudgingly admire the tanto SOCOMs solutions to the classic tanto problems. The drop point also has good geometry.

It's a well done knife, no question. I wouldn't begrudge anyone for choosing it first. For me, I'll grab my axis first anytime; it can't match the SOCOM's production value, but it makes up for it in other ways.

I carried a DA SOCOM for just over a year, and stopped when I got my Emerson Commander.

The SOCOM is a good knife, very well constructed and solid as all get out. My main problem with it, though, was the clip, and how it rode in my pocket. Quite frankly, it was a bear to get past it if I needed anything else in my pocket, and it often times rubbed or got caught on things.

Is it dependable? Yes, IMHO, it is. Even when it was full of pocket lint/dust, it would open with ease. The thumb studs are some of the best out there (again, IMHO, but I compare all others to the SOCOM's). Grip ergonomics are excellent, and are the best of all MT knives.

Is it worth the money? Yes, but, and this is a very big but, it wouldn't be my first choice for a defensive/utility knife, because of how it rides and the fact that if I don't like carrying it, most likely I'll carry something else and I can't really afford to buy knives I don't carry.


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For day-to-day use, there is nothing special about the SOCOM compared to its lower-priced competitors like the Genesis, Axis, and Military. I think all have equal or better locks, better blade geometry, and I prefer the ergonomics on any of the three. They also each have list prices over $100 lower.

What the Microtech does have is a massive cool factor, and associated "status symbol" weight. The fit-and finish is amazing, as folks have said. It's well beyond what's necessary for correct function and into the quality level of collector pieces. A SOCOM is a fantastic bit of machining that even non-knife people might appreciate. That's worth diddly in a "using" context, but it makes the knife retain value and also gives a lot of pride-of-ownership.

Personally, I'd rather have someone's custom handiwork than the finest machining out there, but I can understand SOCOMs from a collector's standpoint. For function, I'd buy two Militaries instead, and for a cool carry folder I'd give the money to a less well-known maker (like myself) and get my own design made. But some folks have a Microtech "habit" and more power to 'em.


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Well, it had to happen, but I do disagree with Corduroy and Joe, slightly. I think there's more to the SOCOM (mine's a "Mini-") for me than a cool-factor, and Joe's "production values" is too understated.

If it's a tool to you, look whether it serves the tool's purpose. It doesn't serve mine, completely; I don't care for the usefulness of the clip blade (too much point), it's pretty smooth opening, but not the smoothest thing I own, and it fits my hand just "pretty well," and I too dislike the pocket clip.

When I look at it as if it were a piece of art, however, not a tool, I have a different perspective. Did the maker accomplish what he set out to do and do I like it? Here the answer is "yes." No tool marks, no fit and finish issues, and the closed blade centers down the scale join line perfectly. Yes, these are "production values," but they please me esthetically more than good packaging, for instance, which might also have high production values.

I spend a lot of time just admiring my knives, and the MT gets a lot of that from me. Sometimes I think about the engineering know-how that went into a design (the MT and others), and sometimes just the people who care enough to send out an (admittedly high-priced) article that's the best they can make.

Wow, I didn't know I cared that much.
I picked up an all black double action SOCOM tanto at the Blade Show. Why? because it was extremly high on the cool factor and I've always wanted one. I really appreciate MT's precision machining throughout their products and in my opinion it is some of the best machine work available in a production auto/manual folder.

Will I use my SOCOM, No, it's just another Yo-Yo to add to my auto collection as well the best quality auto currently in my collection.

As far as price, I don't think the SOCOM is overpriced but there are plenty of better cutlery deals out there. But then you don't get a Microtech.
I love my Socoms (three clip point, all manual). The fit and finish are superb, and I find my Socoms to be very reliable. Having said that, I think that you can find a knife that cuts as well or for some applications better, than a Socom for less money. I think it comes down to what you want to use it for. I think the Socom will perform best as a defensive folder first and utility second. That is why I prefer the older style clip placement over the newer S style clips. The new clips are not low enough to completely hide the knife like a BM for example, and the S clip doesn't really help for a fast presentation as the older clips do.
If only MT redesigned the handle with a flared butt to help keeping a good grip on to the knife, it would be absolutely perfect for me.
Gator, with all due respect why should it be up to us to convince you to spend your hard earned money on a MT SOCOM? If you like the clone type knives, more power to ya! Those of us who have spent the money on a MT or 2 know they are quality knives, and worth the money. They are not perfect, but I am sure no one on the forums will say that about any knife at any price.
Perhaps you should take the advice someone offered earlier and buy a SOCOM clone. Carry it around and if it suits your needs, then maybe look into buying the real thing.
OW!! I think I've been slammed!!
Well I must admit I haven't been trained in knife fighting, so I don't see the benefit of a high ride knife. Oh well.
Someday maybe I'll learn.


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I saw the benchmade butterfly knives, they suck! How can they charge over $10 for those stupid pieces.
Ok, Bahamut, three strikes and you are out.

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I've handled both the full-size SOCOM and the mini and they are excellent knives. The only reason I did'nt buy one is that I acquired a large Sebenza instead (which is an excellent knife as well!!). By the way I own several Benchmades and SpyderCos and they are really good knives. The Sebenza "retired" the Benchmade I carried for years.
I almost bought a small Sebenza, but instead I bought a Wegner Jr. and a Mini Socom, both for under $200. I haven't rec'd the mini socom yet. I just like to collect knives and I haven't found the perfect one but, I figured there's a different one for every carry and purpose, which is fine because I like them all. I just heard so many good things about the Socom's that I just had to have one to see what all the fuss was about. Here in the Cincinnati area it's knife wasteland so I have to buy sight unseen.
The Socom is a great knife in all aspects, especially for the price...They are awesome defense carries, and they are ALOT of knife for the buck..quality is very, very good and they are very comfortable to use and oh so sharp...They are not quite as stout as a Sebenza, but indeed a knife of great stature!!
So thats what