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Microtechs (70 and Ultratech) for Microtech UTX-85

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Mar 21, 2013
Just picked up the 3 different sized ultratechs on here recently and really prefer the 85 over the others.
USA only, would prefer to trade with established members with good feedback or I will require your end first.

What I have-
Microtech UTX-70- LNIB, M390 partially serrated.
Microtech Ultratech- LNIB, M390
Becker BK2- https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/becker-bk2-for-copper-natrix.1636628/

What I want-
Mostly looking for UTX-85 any blade style, non serrated, with bronze blade and hardware and/or colored handles. Not looking for red, black, or green unless it has the bronze.
Would consider ultratechs with the same features but S/E only.
Troodon- S/E only
Cash can go either way

IMG_1234.jpg IMG_1236.jpg IMG_1235.jpg
I am interested in the utx 70 if you want to sell outright.
Let me know what you might want for it.