Military personnel, "Count off...."

Feb 5, 1999
How many forumites are current or former Military members?
What branch, what MOS(job), and where are you currently?

What knives catch your interest?

Me, I am a SSG, Physical Therapy Assistant currently working at Ft. Lewis.
Currently I am into Spyderco's Military, I also like Sebenza and other Chris Reeve models etc....

Inquiring minds want to know.

*Norse Knife Nut*

"Military" Fans Unite!!

"The only limitation is lack of imagination."

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CPL, USMC, 6060-parachute rigger on the V-22 Osprey test team. PAX RIVER,MD

Spyderco Military
BM Bali-songs

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

Military "Military" fans unite!!!
Former 12B2P, Combat Engineer, Airborne.

I was stationed in Korea for my first assignment, at Camp Castle (C 2 EN BN, 2ID). Home base assignment was Ft. Bragg, where I spent the next couple years, where I saw more of the world than I every expected.

I like anything that works well, has a good, efficient design, and is lefty friendly. Current favorites are the Emerson Commander, REKAT Escalator, EDI Genesis, and Mission MPK in steel.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

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Sgt. Canis. USMC. MOS 0352. Live by the motto Semper Fi. Spent most of my time in 29 stumps and assorted other lovely areas of planet Earth. Now I'm a white shirt and tie guy. But... My time in the Marines have made civilian life a piece of cake. Average people don't know what "Hard" really means!!!

I like my REKAT Pocket Hobbit, and all fixed blades. Especially those that can be used for hard field use. I'm saving up to get a Battle Mistress.


Chris Canis

Once and allways a
United States Marine
Sgt / 5953 Radar Technician / 1981-1985

Currently GS-856-11 Radar Technician @ MCAS New River.

I like knives that won't break at work or at the wallet. Currently realy liking the Nimravus in an Edge Works "micro-sheath" for out and about. Carry a Boker 2 bld fldr with a razor blade and a Gerber (or Buck) mult at work.

Saw trials of your Osprey here at MCASNR, we will be tenating the training sqaudrons. Really looks like your job would be important on those crossbreeds!!!


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Graduated Norwich University Corps of Cadets, Commissioned in the US Army Reserve, Ordnance Corps, EOD, currently IRR status.

I was there in New River when the trials went on. It's a fun program to be on, lot of things to do with it when I get out. I'll be back at New River this fall for another test, maybe I'll see ya when I'm there?

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

Military "Military" fans unite!!!
Former Army. Airborne-->always! 11B3PF7, now working as a civvie in New York City. Still sporting a high and tight! Knives of choice: Busse Battle Mistress, Chris Reeve Sebenza, Leatherman PST II, Sebertec M4.

Well the ground-pounders and the jarheads have been represented. I guess it's up to me to stand up for us flyboys.

I'll pause here long enough for me to put on my anti-flame suit and for you guys to lock and load.

U.S. Air Force Staff Seargeant, Biomedical Equipment Repair Technician (4A271). Currently stationed in Altus Oklahoma. Only for two more weeks; I've decided to part ways with the AF and head up to Indiana.

BM Auto Stryker
Large Sebenza
Leatherman Super Tool (should be standard AF issue)

All right....where's the sailors?

Retired U.S. Army Cavalry First Sergeant.
Got promoted to SGM but didn't want to play the game any longer. Knifemaking was more fun.
Do I even need to say what I carry?
In street clothes, my large Model 18 with Stellite 6K and in my work overalls a medium Model 4 drop point with CPM 440V.
With a name like mine, what else could I be but a Scout.

"Scouts Out".
Don't you think we're starting to put a little too much personal data on a public forum?
What's next?
What's your favorite credit card number?

Let's ease off on these subjects for a little while and if you want to get to know somebody better, do it by email. It's marginally less public.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

OK my VISA number is 5467-234-....hey wait a minute are you funnin' me?
My home address is 1313 Mockingbird lane and I enjoy spiders, arsenic tea and mail fraud(oh woops did I say that out loud?) I meant male frogs, Yeah that's the ticket.

Seriously, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I just happen to like to know the type of individuals I "hang" with. Not trying to lay a trap or anything. Besides I gave up my info first, and I did not ask for anything too personal.

Whatcha hidin' anyway....? Come on you can tell me. I promise I will only tell a few hundred other people "our little secret"

Remember it's all in fun!

*Norse Knife Nut*

"Military" Fans Unite!!

"The only limitation is lack of imagination."


Part of what makes this site so unique is our laid back attitude. Also when people get together in whatever forum, may it be in person, at a bar or right here they tend to want to know a little about the people they are talking too. So this is why these type threads appear. It is only a natural thing for people to do.


I was USAF. 20590 which is Elelctronic Inteligence Operations Specialist. Also was promoted to be a member of the Black Angels which is a special Ops Recon unit in the AF.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I am, in my spare time, a Corporal in the Royal Logistics Corps (TAVR) as a supply controller.

As you Americans might say

"In the rear with the Gear"

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)


Nobobdy is providing any personal information that isn't already shown in their user profile. If they don't want to tell us here then I wouldn't expect them to tell us in their profile.

As far as what a specific AFSC (Air Force) or MOS (Army) is; that information is available on many military sites that are open to the public.

None of this is classified information. If you don't want to tell us that's fine. But don't knock other people for doing so if they wish.
Ken, I'm glad to ante up with my other brethern in uniform! I'm an Army logistics officer (Lieutenant Colonel) with eleven years active duty but currently serving with the Idaho Army National Guard. Previously assigned to 194th Armored Brigade (Fort Knox) and currently supporting the 116th Cav Brigade, who just did a rotation at the National Training Center. On active duty, I'm the guy who put the Tobasco in the MRE's (previous assignment in Combat Developments at the Quartermaster School).

Bagman, your new motto is "Keep the best, issue the rest."

Current loadout is Randall #1 or #14 (soon to be replaced by a Mad Dog AZ Hunter), CR Sebenza, SAK, and SOG tool.
U.S. Navy,1975-1979.I was an AD(jet engine mechanic).I spent most of my hitch at U.S.N.S. Rooseveldt Roads in Puerto Rico.

Never a dull moment!
This seems like a great place to put my first entry on the forum so here goes.

Former Marine 7yrs active 3yrs reserve, started out as an 0311-Infantry and ended up as an 0231-Intelligence Specialist, currently I'm a Deputy Sheriff in Ohio.

I had been collecting knives for years until I walked into Koval Knives one day (they're only about 25 minutes away from where I live). I left with everything I needed to make my first knife, including tons of encouragement and information from Mick and Troy Koval. So now I'm hooked.

Everyday I carry an CRK&T Apache II and the first knife I put togather a 3" drop point hunter that I made into a neck knife.

Semper Fi
Kit Morgan
Retired AF Tech Sgt. Turned down Master Sgt and got out at 20. 14 years with SAC Airborne Command Post (inflight maint tech), and a 2 years with pilotless recon aircraft. Some years with Offensive Radar too. Currently employed as a test engineer.
I have a thing for American made Bowies, but carried a Randall M18 when on flying status, plus assorted pocket knives, and a Puuko in my flight boots.
Today its a Swiss Deluxe Tinker, and my newly recieved Axis carried inside the pants, because the company has a no weapon policy, but I can get away with the Tinker on my belt. I just summitted a design to Victorinox to have a custom Avionics engineer pocket knife made up. Anyone else interested if they build it?
- Brian
0311 Grunt / 8551 Marine Security Forces

“… locate close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver …”