Jul 8, 2001
Where is the best place I could buy miltech-one. Would they have it at any stores? How much could I buy it for also?

ps i can wait until I get my bm42A i have 2 days to go.:D But that is 2 days i will have to wait:mad: .
Yeah, I went to Specialty Sports Supply ( the Coolest Gun-knife shop in town ) and they don't cary it. I don't want to pay $20+ with shipping.
But I would like to get some of that magic slickerdy stuff.
Thz Clay for the site.:D I sure hope i get my first ever bm42A soon. With the miltech-1 i bet it will surely flip well.
Is there anything else you can use besides miltech-1 for a bali that wont hurt it ? If so where can I get it and how much does it cost ? thz in advanced.:cool:

If I dont use miltech or any other kind of lubercant will that hurt my future bm42 ?? Thz again:cool:
You can use White Lightning. It's a bike chain lubricant that seems to work fine for balis. The downside is there is black flakes that form at the pivots when you flip your knife.

I hear only good things about Militec-1. It's just tougher to get up where I am.
Oh God! I had to pick that White Lightning out of some "unmentionable" knives in the past. It is a grease and it is horrible on using knives, it attracts pocket lint like moths to flame.

I degreased a friend's Microtech and he stood there in amazement at how slow the White Lightning made his knife work.

I use BreakFree CLP [Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative] on all my Knives and Guns too.

However, I'm going to get some MiliTech-1 in a week or so and follow Chuck's instructions and give it a go. It sounds better than even BreakFree CLP.

I've used BreakFree CLP on Samson Customs, BM 40 Series and the Model 42's that I own, never discolored the steel and they're very quiet and very fast and smooth. I'm looking forward to trying this MiliTech-1 as Chuck says it dries without a "greasy" trace and permeates the steel when heat from a blowdryer is applied.

Sounds great to me!
Will the bm42 function decently without the miltech-1 ?? I dont know i if can get a hold of it anytime soon so I was just wondering if my soon to come bm42 will be ok for a while with out some miltech-1? thz for the help again guys.
I believe Benchmade knives are lubricated with Militec before they leave the factory.

I really need to find a source of Militec-1. Most places charge almost as much for shipping as they do for Militec. :(
anyway, I got white lightening and used it once or twice. I really didn't like it though. Didn't stay on very long, and its hard to work with. If you can't get militec-1, try Rem oil. Its readily available at sporting goods stores, works well, and last for a long time.
If you cannot find MiliTech-1, try BreakFree CLP, if not that, RemOil has Teflon in it I think and that has been good in the past from personal experience as well.
I just bought some milteh-1 I bought the sniper package and I think that is enough for my new to come BM42A,my old friend the jag and the no namer. :D Well once again thz everyone for all their help I feel very welcome into the forum. I just cant wait until I get my first ever bm. No more repining for me.:D I do have a question though. How do you get to tighten/loosen the pins ? Does the bm42 come with a screwdriver for the pins ? If not where can I get one and how much do they cost? Thz again for the info in advance.:D

Just get a T8 Torx screwdriver to adjust the pivots. You can get that at the hardware store for a couple of bucks.

Where did you get the Militec?
Well i havent got the miltech-1 yet. My bro realized that he put in the wrong credit card number so i have to wait until tomorrow to re order it.:mad: Oh well but i am going to buy the miltech-one from thz to clay.

But i do have a question though. Does the bm42 work good without the miltech-one or does it not work well with out it ? Im thinking that when i get my bm i wont have the miltech for about a week or 2 and knowing me i will use it a lot in those 2 weeks would it still swing fine after the 2 weeks without the miltech-one ???And how long does the miltech-one last ???
Wal-Mart has a 6 pack of screwdrivers for $2. Two of them are torx 6 and 8 mm. They're not the highest quality tools, but they seem to work if you're careful, kind of like the China cheapie bali. 6 is for the latch, 8 is for the pivot.

You ever use the Lyman Screwdriver Kit? It's geared towards firearms owners, but I really like the little "Ball" attachment for your palm, it is a ratchet action and you place the bits in the end of it. It comes with a regular driver as well that resembles a pocket screwdriver.

I wish I could find another one of these that was made even better. This one has never given me problems, but it is a very nice design and I wish it were made even better. Possibly by someone else.

The "Ball" is about as a big as a golfball and has a hole in each end, for clockwise and counterclockwise. You insert a shank in whichever side you want for the desired direction, then insert a bit into that. It's really cool and on some things, it gives you a much better feel than a regular, small, screwdriver handle.
The Benchmade torx kit is pretty handy. It will also take care of all of the torx screws on your other Benchmade knives as well.

You can buy them for $9.99 at One Stop Knife Shop.
IMHO, the next best thing to Militec-1 is Tetragun. Tetragun can be purchased at most better gun shops. Like Militec-1, this stuff needs to be applied several times to sort of build up a lubrication affect.

It's also very expensive. But, since it only takes about four drops to lubricate a balisong, just buy the small bottle and it'll last you a long time.
Don: I've seen them around, and I may have actually played with one at some point, but I prefer the Benchmade kit, since it is slim and clips to the pocket. But the bits were pretty pitiful, so I bought a few bucks worth of Wiha bits, and replaced the originals. Usually, when shooting, I bring a 'tackle box' with tools and cleaning supplies, so size isn't an issue, but if I was travelling light, I'd definitely look at something like the Lyman.

Plus, people mistake the Benchmade kit for a pager, most of the time, so it's one less question that I have to answer ("what's that clipped to your left pocket?" "pocket knife" "well, what's that clipped to your right pocket?" "another pocket knife" "why do you need two knives?!" "who said I only have two?" etc)