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Minchew caping/utility knives

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Sep 29, 2005
Here are 2 knives I have done. All have black linen micarta handles. All are hollow ground cpm-154 stainless steel professionally heat treated by Paul Bos. Each has 3 416 stainless steel pins. I took 2 pictures of each knife one with flash and one without.

These are not full size skinning knives. They are nice caping knives or knives that can be worn everyday on the belt and they aren't big enough to get in the way. I wear one everyday even to church and most people don't even notice it. They are black linen micarta with saddle tan sheaths

I'm asking $110 for each knife includes shipping and a sheath to the con US. I do accept paypal and do not charge any extra. Thanks for looking and let me have some honest feedback of what you think of them.

knife 1


knife 2