Mini review of the new TM Hunt Bowie

Feb 15, 2015
So the day has finally come. I've had this bowie for awhile and I have finally found the time to use it.


This blade is killer. As with all of Todd's work the craftsmanship is amazing. The fit and finish is perfect, and Allen did a knock out job on the kydex sheath. I have a love/hate relationship with bowies and clip points, but this one hits the spot.

The full flat grind bites and the balance is excellent. The blade is made of .25" stock, but because of that full flat grind its lighter then it looks and incredibly nimble.

I didn't have a lot of wood to baton, however I did have half of a cedar fence post. While cedar is a very soft wood, the knots on it can be extremely difficult.


It took a long time to get through one knot in particular, I kept hitting it and it wouldn't even move, I was getting worried for a second.


Finally got it to break through. It was a good size knot, but the edge came out in perfect condition.


Compared to the M18 it has a lot less forward weight. Its still by all means a blade heavy design. I do hate to say it, but I think I may favor this over the M18. This bowie is a lot more everyday woodsman, while I would classify the M18 as a survival blade.

Now I wouldn't normally use a blade this large for feather sticks, but it performed flawlessly. Normally before I use a blade I take the factory edge off. With Todd's edge, thats not necessary.


So I think Todd has probably only made around 5 of these. While I think it needs to be permanently added to the workhorse line of his knives, as of now I don't think it has. From what I've heard from Todd if we want to see this blade be apart of his line up we need to let him know.

I know the M18 is the official TM Hunt big blade, but I feel like these two blade are very different in class and the bowie would be a very nice addition. I feel like a lot of people turn away from the M18 because it doesn't look like the typical big blade. I think this bowie would pull in a new share of the big blade market that the M18 won't.


Now when this was coming out Todd was asking some of us on the Facebook page for name suggestions, as of now I don't think he picked a final name. I got this bowie in early August when I was recovering from getting my tonsils remove and was under some major painkillers. I told Todd I was going to spend all my time sitting around thinking of a proper name for it that he would approve of. The best one I could come up with is "The Bourbon Bowie" I know Todd and the crew enjoy a nice bourbon from time to time. While its not made in Bourbon County Kentucky, its still made in the USA. If someone else already suggested that name, I'm sorry, you can have all the credit.


As you can see from the photo above, I only have one glass left of my Woodford Reserve. Every year I buy new bottle of "good" whiskey. The word "good" is defined here as, no more then $70 a bottle. So post down below any suggestions you have.
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Grey Falcon

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Nov 5, 2014
Great write up, brother. Todd's work is always killer. Loved the look of this one from the moment I saw it.


Handsome According to my Mother
Nov 18, 2010
Nice review! It is indeed a hell of a knife!


Feb 27, 2010
Damn, I need to get out more. Great review! I'm also a bit jealous that you have a Bowie...