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Minimag L.E.D. Conversion Kit

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Oct 5, 1998

Turn your Minimag AA or Streamlight Jr. flashlight into a L.E.D. flashlight with this L.E.D. conversion kit. Features three long lasting L.E.D. bulbs.


How about a couple of titanium knife clip blanks from Halpern Titanium? I have two.
Image from Halpern Titanium

Mine are sized 2 3/4" x 9/16" (at the top) x 1/4" (at the bottom). They would suffice as replacements for BM's and Spydercos, assuming you're using the standard shape as a template. They just need to be shaped, drilled and finished. Working with titanium in this regard is very easy. It files and sands easily and it is a cinch to drill the stuff. They are 6AL/4V titanium. I have two, and the only difference between the pic and the ones I have is that I have used a permanent marker to plot out the center of the clips from tip to tip to make symmetrical grinding and shaping easier.
Those look great ... going to have to pass though, I have no way of drilling the holes.

Thanks though for the offer.

Still Available!

If it makes a difference to you, I can drill the blanks for you for standard hole patterns like Spyderco or Benchmade (they may even be the same). Just let me know!
Chiro ... you've got one ahead of you in line that I haven't heard from ... if he is a no go ... we're on with some spydie holes drilled. :)
Sounds good. I will be out of town Thursday and Friday, so after Thursday around noon or so I'll be incommunicado, so just drop me an email and we'll hash it out on Monday if your other deal falls through.