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Mixed bag of knives and stuff FT

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Dec 16, 2000
OK, here's what I've got:

Spyderco Spydercard
BRKT Mini Canadian-orange micarta handles, marked prototype
CRKT Ryan Plan B-Has marks on it, may have been sharpened by previous owner
Cold Steel SE Desperado
SOG Access card

Non-knife stuff:
TI-89 Graphing caluculator
Vang 870 mag tube extension and spring

What I want:
Gene Ingram knives
Surefire-HA E1e, Z57 tailcap, KL1 head
Captains of Crush #2 grip trainer
Maxpedition-M2 and single sheath, both in OD; Condor or possibly another of their packs, not in OD