Mnandi: My latest Obsession

Feb 20, 2006
What? Only three zebras, three snakeskins, countless mammoths -- you call that a collection? It's barely a sampling.

(Translation: wow! That's unbelievable.)

White mammoth with the zebra. THAT's a knife.....beautiful.

Totally tasteful!
If any of them need an new home....

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Love seeing your Mnandi's Mike!🖒Great pic!!!

Thanks everyone!

Where did your camel thorn go?

Gave it to a family member as a Christmas gift.


Dazed and Confused
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May 3, 2011
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Aug 28, 2011
So... I received my first mnandi today. (2015 mnandi with mammoth inlays purchased from LW)

Overall impressions are the beauty of the scales (I love the shape), and the appearance of the knife both opened and closed are amazing. Also, it should be noted that I removed the clip and added the screw in order to show both scales. I was happy I did that because the clip hid some really attractive grains.

One thing about the knife is my having to adjust to it's truly small size and light weight. One handed opening and closing is easy enough even though it's a new nail design. It's so different from my other CRKs (small mammoth, box elder, insingo, and plain Ti-lock), but it's also unique and new. Overall, it's exactly what you would expect quality and design wise from CRK.

I just wanted to add some thoughts from a person who never handled a mnandi.

Happy hunting friends.

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