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Mo Bitties

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May 31, 2002
Last year I made a few small sheathed pocket knives. I truly enjoyed and hope everyone is in love with theirs. Here are three new ones. Top is tiny tanto with madrone burl, second is pigmy spear with buffalo, and third is squirrel skinner with Azalea burl. All in carbon damascus and pocket clip sheath.
/////////////All Sold\\\\\\\\\\\\ I am working on a few orders.
Thanks guys!


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I've got one of these little guys and you won't believe how handy they are until you have one. They are great knives you won't be disappointed.
Do they come with the same sheath as last time...If so ill take the first one. Shown with tanto like point. thanks mr. moore

send address for payment please.
Very cool little knives. I think alot of folks overlook how handy a small knife can be and how much it can do. These are great.
Thanks again; Loandr, you have mail. J, That means alot coming from you, I have enjoyed your work for some time.
You won't be disappointed with this man's work. I have one of his blades and it's a great user, with great fit and finish. It ain't too hard on the eyes either. :D
Great looking little blades Paul. I especially like the "pigmy spear". I just finished a batch of "tiny terrors" to take to the Birmingham show this weekend. Maybe we can get together and hunt some pigmys soon :D :D :D
paul ...tanto in and just in time, the Mrs. will love it come friday. thank you sir!!!!!!! Dynamite as usual.