More Cold Steel Panic Buying...

Mar 1, 2018
The Pocket Bushman showed up today in my mail box, after being lost by USPS. I got lucky, it was well packaged and no damage to the box (you couldn't hurt this knife with a hammer). I was pleased to see that it is an "Old Steel" knife, thanks to help from "rycen" and "PocketKnifeJimmy" and "jux t" with identification. This knife has to be the sharpest knife that I ever received right out of the box. It is incredibly rugged, with a bank vault lock up. However, great caution needs to be used with this knife or it will bite you. The thumb stud is too hard to use for deployment, inviting a bad cut if the blade snaps shut. Closing the blade is tricky at best. Anyway, I like this unique knife, but not recommended for someone who doesn't have experience with handling knives. I would not hand this to just anyone.
Dec 7, 2019
I can contribute!

I had the Bowie Bushman for a while now and just recently purchased the original Bushman this month. Here’s the old one on the Bowie.


Here’s the new one on the original.


I also bought an SRK just this month. Don’t know if it’s old stock, but it still has the old logo. Has the new logo showed up on the SRKs and Recon Tantos?

Feb 4, 2017
Since I'm now retired, I decided that I needed to get a cane to make me look more refined 🤣 so I ordered the Axe Head Cane from a west coast Canadian online retailer on November 17 (mainly as it was the cheapest priced cane available). Unfortunately it was at the same time they were getting deluged with rain.

It was at an attractive price even though I would have preferred the Blackthorn Cane (I'm kind of/sort of Irish'y) but they were all out and getting new stock is a little sketchy. A day after I ordered it, they notified me that all the roads out of B.C. were washed out or buried from landslides and shipping was pretty well non-existent for the foreseeable future. For an added 10 bucks, I could get it shipped by air so I went with that option, even though in total, shipping was close to the purchase price of the cane. So a cheaply priced cane turned out to be less of a bargain. Oh well, the price of Global Warming, I guess.

The cane is definitely heavier than any cane I have handled and is almost indestructible and should last longer than I will. It doesn't look "too scary" at first glance, and could probably be used as a standard cane with added benefits. It's an inch or two longer than I need but for something that will most likely be used for afternoon/evening walks it will do nicely and keep any Big-Foot (Big-Feet?) at canes length.