More MOASH Exercises (pic heavy thread)


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Mar 15, 2000
Took the MOASH out for some more exercise this weekend. Thought a few pics might be in order.

The more I use this one, the more I like it. :thumbup:

If you're on dialup, you might want to go have a couple of scotches and come back to your screen.

DSL users should get the pictures pretty fast (compressed for the web).







Nice pics!!! :thumbup:

That makes me want one of those BAD... :grumpy: :D :D
I don't know why, but to me users allways look better than the mint ones.
nice pics. Just curious, what kind of camera do you have? Nice and clear.

Just to add... The original pics are actually even more detailed.

I use a function in Adobe Photoshop which compresses the pictures in order to help with file sizes and load times.

A bit of resolution is lost in the process.
Thanks for the photos - Beautiful knife in beautiful scenery! :D :thumbup:
Great looking set of tree abuse pics:thumbup: The MOASH seems to be liking it though:D
Looks similar to mine, except mines not a MOASH, as far I know.

You know what? You may be right. It may be a mere HOG-FSH in DC/snakeskin. I thought Jerry had referred to these Extravaganzaaaa blades as MOASHes somewhere, but that thread eludes me. Could I have dreamed it? :D

Aha! Here's one thread, but Jerry mentions it passing, perhaps in jest.

This version has been called a MOASH in some sale threads I see as well. Perhaps mistakenly? Hmmmm....