Most Attractive Folder

Nov 15, 1998
I vote for the Krait with a black blade, dark blue anodizing, white mother of pearl, and file work. A tactical even your wife might love (okay, grudgingly allow you to carry).

In the production arena, surprisingly the first item that comes to mind for me is the stainless steel Police model - sleek and slim yet purposeful looking.

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I love the Krait's looks, too. Darrel's fully custom stuff is real sharp. Walker has some gorgeous folders too

Can't think of a more appealing looking folder than the Krait you describe, especially since it sounds a lot like mine.

as always i'm the odd man out!!!!

don't throw any stones at me yet

the Elishewitz # 3 auto Dubbed the "PEPTO KNIFE"
and a Brend model 2 with Black mirrored finish.
i'll get a Krait i just need to get a job first
(layed off two days before X-mas)

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman
any work done

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The Krait is definatley a sweet looker. I also like the Benchmade Sentinel with the black coated blade. The blue anodized liner really sets it off, that is if you can find one with an even finish. Gotta like that Sebenza,too.


Sorry to here about your job Greg. Looks like you may want to go full time knife dealers. I got your message BTW and I am looking over your selection of knives. I will let you know. The SOF has caught my eye

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Guess I'm a little contrary too. I love some of darrel's damascus work, but the krait just isn't my cup of tea.

Most beautiful folder??? I couldn't pick one, but three right up there are some of the pieces done by Bill Pease, John W. Smith, and the Charles Dake double action auto's.
Maybe Tony Bose, Jim & Joyce Minnick, David Broadwell, Don Maxwell.....

I'd vote for the TiNives Hybrid for most beautiful folder...truly amazing work. If only I could afford to actually -own- one and not just stare longingly at pictures in magazines...
well, if we're talking about knives we don't own. I have to agree with mel AKA madpoet, Charles Dake knives are outstanding

here's another on my wish this
anything made by the knife godess
DELLANA WARREN like her medicine wheel ( it's a little fluffy) but I want one

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

I realy like custom versions of the Italian folding stiletto, as made by Howard Clark and H.H. Frank.

I think the Bob Lum folding tanto, as is being reproduced by Spyderco, is also good looking.

Michael Walker's knives too are very beautiful.

Jan Dirk
Oh, yes, I also find some dressy, but no too wierd versions of the Elishewitz Phantom very attractive.
Greg, I'm sure you'll find a better job.

By the way, I saw an anodized HAWG yesterday which was surprisingly good looking and apparently well made.

Looks like the KRAIT in a landslide.

Hang in there Gregg; as one who has just re-entered the working world (after 3 months off) I can only give you the standard platitudes; things WILL change and someday you'll look back and see that it was a good thing you were laid off. The biggest bummer is having to put the brakes on the ol hobby.
Good luck to you.
Now this is a very tough question. But I really like JL Stout's dress Geminii folder, which you can see at

Add CPM 420V steel, and maybe a mokume bolster, and you've got something.
Now this is a very tough question. But I really like JL Stout's Gemini Dress Tactical Folder, which you can see at

Add CPM 420V steel, and maybe a mokume bolster, and you've got something.

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I really like the look of the Klotzli designed by Christian Wimpff and sold by BOKER. The overall mesh of the sheepsfoot blade with black coating looks stunning juxtaposed with the chartreuse carbon fiber handle. I know, not a true custom exotic, but I feel it to be stunning and simple. It was the first knife I thought of when I looked at the title of this post.
Here's a link so you can hopefully see and agree with me

(I am in no way affiliated with the knife center, just for the record.)


I like the Boker Orion (#2065) with the crystalline surface of its titanium blade and its carbon fiber scales best