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Most Embarrassing Knife Moments 2

Nov 28, 2000
Saw this in an archive- thought maybe it could go around again.

What stands out most, is when I bought a neat but cheap coil spring knife. After playing with it for a while, the screw holding the blade worked loose, and the blade almost fell out of the knife. I said to my girlfriend, "Uh-oh, the screw fell out." She asked me what screw, and when I told her, she burst out laughing. oh, well...

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Back in 1997, the Bike patrol unit I was assigned to at my department were pulling perimeter security when Vice-Presdident Al Gore came to town to survey the damage wrought on us by a flood and a tornado (pr's a good thing I guess). After he had left, my LT. told me to cut down the perimeter tape (the "barrier" keeping the public back; funny though, not too many people showed up to see the VP). Well I was talking to my partner as I pulled out my BM emerson 975S and I cut the first section of tape down. As i closed the blade and put it in my pocket, I felt a slight stinging sensation in my right middle finger. I thought to myself "I KNOW I didn't just do what I thought I did". I looked down and sure enough, there was a big hunk of fingertip cut out as I had, in all my wisdom, closed the knife on my finger (this was my first liner lock, but it's no excuse). A quick trip to the e.r. and 45 minutes of waiting, and the bleeding stopped,finally. I still catch crap from everybody about that one, especially since I study Pekiti-Tirsia and play with knives all the time. But there it is, my MOST embarassing knife moment (that I'll tell this forum about anyway, the other is edited due to adult content).

Playing with a butterfly in an elevator trying to beat the door opening and you guessed it. Picking up a butterfly while 4 people got on looking at me like I just escaped from the looney bin.

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I'm workingout at the "y" finishing up my bicept workout with dumbell curls, the weight keeps hitting my El Hombre clipped to my sweats,so in the pocket of my sweats it goes.Now comes cardio,hop on the recumbent bike between a couple of housewifes,with a row of housewifes and retires behind me.A couple of minutes later bang,the El Hombre drops to the floor.Now even closed you can still see a large part of the large cured blade...opps sorry ladies let me pick that up.

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I decided to carry a new fixed blade that I bought(Lightfoot Black Tip) inverted as it allows quicker access. I even tested it before doing this and it seemed fine. Anyway I was walking across a busy intersection that had many pedestrian walking with, and towards me. I dunno what the hell happened but all of a sudden I hear the sound of metal hitting concrete. I looked at my side and saw there was no knife. I looked around and everyone was looking at the knife. So I calmly walked over to the knife and decided that that was the best time for me to tie my shoes.
Teenagers laughed, older folks gave me the evil eye. I booked it outta there
My ex had taken a job at an armored car company, so I decided she needed some weapons training. (Yes, I am a certified instructor.) After she had done a great job at picking up firearms skills, she asked for some knife training. I began to show her several ways to deploy various knives to let her pick out the one she liked the best for daily carry. She picked a BM Leopard Cub. I had hand picked and purchased this particular Cub for its super smooth action. As I began to show her how to quickly deploy the blade, the blade actually lost contact with my thumb and locked open. My thumb still had normal forward momentum, and it naturally landed on the serrated part of the blade. My ex said Oh My God. I said a few other things Para doesn't want to hear here. We then went to the local Urgent Care Center for tactical medical training in the application and reception of stitches. I had to explain the wound to the Doctor and Nurse at the UCC, who didn't believe me. They called the police agency I work for to investigate. Man, word travels fast.

I have wounded pride, a great scar, and no feeling on the left side of my right thumb to remind me of that day.

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I've got one that happened 35 years ago, yet still embarrasses me so much that I'm reluctant to use my right name for the post. My only excuses are: 1. it wasn't my idea, 2. I was only 16 at the time, 3. the guy with the bright idea was only 15, and 4. none of us meant any harm, we were just idiots. I do take the blame for casually assenting to the idea without thinking.

I was driving my big old 53 Pontiac convertable up the Pacific Coast highway in an area full of oil wells south of Huntington Beach when we spotted a couple teenage girls hitchhiking. Much to my surprise they were happy to hitch a ride with us. Traffic was at a stand-still with the heavy beach crowd. The girls wanted to go to a somewhere like the north end of Huntington or to Seal Beach.

At this point my stupidity got into gear. I thought that I could go inland and take a shortcut. I overestimated my understanding of the countryside and underestimated how much the route was obstructed by rivers and oil reservations. I took us out into dead end roads out amongst the oil wells. I hit a dead end at end of a particularly long unused stretch and I stopped the car to check a map. There were no signs and the roads were going in odd directions following terrain and property lines so I couldn't figure out where I was. So basically we had picked up two teenaged girls and drove them out to a lonely out of the way place and stopped the car.

I don't remember what passed for thinking in what happened next. One of my idiot friends decided that it would reassure the girls if he showed off a knife we had in the car "for protection". I guess we only thought of the area as threatening from the viewpoint of bums and external threats. We didn't see ourselves in the role of potential dangerous lunatic rapists. Did I mention that the knife had a one foot long blade and was razor sharp? Anyway I gave my assent.

For some reason the girls seemed more alarmed than reassured. They became real vocal that they didn't like my shortcut and that I should get them the hell back to the crowded coast road. They even tried to beg an alternate ride when I stopped at a gas station for directions.

I did get them back to the highway where they exited the car with great alacrity. It would be interesting to hear the way they told the story. It's lucky that we didn't end up getting arrested. We probably would have these days.

I'm fifty one years old and I'm blushing as I type.
Okay mine happened yesterday while i was at work. I was cutting up a coke bottle and it slipped (all my fault) and put a deep(1/4") long(1 1/4") gouge in the meaty part of my hand at the base of my thumb. It required 6 stitches and really hurts now.

Anxiously awaiting my BM 42A
If you wear a neck knife under a loose shirt, there is naturally a fair amount of movement, especially if you bend over. I remember sitting down at a table for a meeting while wearing a REKAT UKN, and sure enough, the sheath swung out a bit and hit the edge of the table. Got some odd looks from people because of the strange metallic sound coming from my chest region.

I seem to remember someone else posting a neck knife story about a year ago that involved a person talking to a police officer through the patrol car window; due to the strong magnets on the sheath system of his Nealy, the knife was beginning to be attracted to the side of the patrol car. Oops!
About three years ago at a gun show in SF I was looking for a Dalton Mini Cupid.Found one at a dealer and was checking it out when a couple friends walked up and we started conversing.I showed them the knife and how fast it comes out the front.
Somehow during our conversation I opened it too close to my other hand and drove it about 3/4 inch into my palm.I was so embaressed[sp] I just put my hand in my pocket.I had on tan shorts and soon had a rather large red spot on the front.Excused myself and went to the bathroom to try and stop the bleeding.It soon subsided and I skulked out the door.


have a"knife"day

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I was wearing my Gunting clipped to my right pocket at work today when an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a couple weeks came by. He immediately says "what's *that* honkin' thing?!" and points to my pocket.

I pull it out and say "it's my new toy". He says "if it's new and it cuts, I can always count on you to have one...so what's it do?". I show him how the ramp works for tomahawks and finger holds, and then I pop the blade open by smacking the edge of my other hand *BAM*. I show him the new compression lock and how it works...and I close the knife.

He asked to take a look at it so I handed it to him closed. He thumbed it partially open with the hole to look at the blade, and before I can stop him he slammed the ramp into his other hand. Problem is, the blade was still partially open.

Fortunately, we were standing next to a sink.

Back when my wife and I were still dating,the first gift I bought for her was a Gerber Guardian so she would be able to protect herself while I wasn`t around.We were over her parents house and the first thing she wants to do is show off her new knife.As she is pulling the knife from the sheath she fumbled it and it stuck in the floor two inches from my future Mother in Law`s foot.Needless to say,both her parents looked at me like I was some crazed lunatic ax murderer for giving their baby such a deadly weapon.
I was standing at the deli counter waiting my turn a few months ago, idly fingering the MT CT II in my pocket (a powerful OTF). Somehow, I mangaged to hit the fire button after disengaging the safety!
Luckily, the blade missed a very important part of my anatomy as it went through my pocket and stuck about half way out the front of my pants.
It took a some contorting for me to retract the blade with the charging handle without removing the blade from my pocket.
Boy, when I think of where that blade might have gone it gives me the shivers . . .
About ten years ago (or so) the wife & I (we were just dating at the time) went to a outdoor flea market one Sat. afternoon.
I stopped at a knife dealer's (using the term "dealer" very loosely) table and handled several different knives.
The last one that I picked up was a cheapo Pakistani type dagger/boot knife.
When I went to resheath it, the dealer (big biker type) says to me, "Be careful those knives are really sharp. Well, I gave him back my best "Don't worry I know what I'm doing look." Just then I drove the dagger right through the bottom of the sheath and right into my palm.
Yousa!!!!! That hurt (my pride that is). My wife-to-be felt bad for me but the dealer just said, "I told 'ya so!!"

Now that cut deep!!!

--The Raptor--
I was selling a Spyderco JSK to a guy at work and he asked what the humpy bit over the hole was for...remembering the Gunting, I demonstrated kinetic opening on my own thigh. I quietly and discreetly wiped the blood of the tip and continued the hard sell as blood quietly dripped down my leg and into my boot. Muy stupido!
Once a lady friend said to me, "I hear Jerry has a bigger one than you do."

"Who told you that?" I asked in great puzzlement -- because I couldn't figure out who would know ... who could have seen both Jerry's and mine in order to be able to make the comparison? As far as I knew we had no girlfriends in common ... I had never been involved with an ex-girlfriend of Jerry's or vice versa, as far as I knew....

Turned out she was talking about Jerry's knife ... he had just bought one just like the one I was carrying only bigger.
Picture it:
New York City...1977...rush hour on the subway...running down the crowded stairs the AG Russel Sting (all polished steel) jumps out of the sheath (and luckily out of the boot)...and clatters down the last two steps! I stopped and calmly picked it up and resheathed it like it happens everyday...
While doing a survey in an office building for some electrical work, both my partner and I noticed that quite a few of the ladies working there were staring at my "nether region". I was enjoying the attention and figured that I'd have no trouble in getting some dates out of it. Call me stupid, but it took me a while to figure out that what they were really seeing was the large SAK that I had bought just that morning. I was carrying it in my front pants pocket and let's just say that it made me look a lot more endowed than I really am. Since then when I carry it, it goes in a sheath.

That was about 10 years ago but the guys still give me grief about it.
Had a real kick during my teenage days from throwing knives around. The knife in question was made from the broken blade of a 'parang' (machete) that had rubber inner tube material wrapped around the bottom half to form a handle.

One particular throw missed the target and glanced off the trunk of the tree it was leaning against. The knife sailed over the fence before landing into my neighbour's porch with a metallic clang. Since I didn't want to lose the knife I decided I'd just climb over the fence, get the thing and hightail it back before anybody saw me.

The classic moment was when my neighbour, an elderly lady in her 50s saw me from the window with a wicked looking knife in hand and ran inside screaming for help. Never thought I could ever climb a fence that fast. Spent a whole uneasy afternoon wondering if the cops were gonna turn up at my house...


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