Most used knife

May 29, 2008

I thought I would show my most used Knife. I beat the hell out of this thing but it keeps going. I think of it as a Mora but its marked "Frost of Sweden" . I use it in the Kitchen , to clean game/fish and general use. I have many more expensive knifes but I always seem to grab this one. Whats your most used old beater?
Looks kinda like a Mora and, seeing as you are getting good service out of it during tough use - it may just be a Mora ... or a cousin.
I've got all kinds of knives, ranging from an Italian Zuava to a Sardinian Resolza and a Japanese Higonokami. But the knife that sees use multiple times a day every single day, day in day out, is my little Victorinox classic. Between the small pen blade, scissors, screw driver tip and nail file, it cuts, snipes, screws every day. It's on my keys, so I can't leave home without it.

Benchmade 330. Almost two decades now of opening packages and beer bottles.


Not recently, but this is the one I have that has the most use, besides my Emerson Horseman
My Shun Kaji 8" chefs knife has seen the most use easily. I've had it 7 years and it is
used multiple times daily in the kitchen.

If we're talking edc, it would be my dpm 2.5 ( neck knife I made myself )
But if we're talking in general it would be my late 60's western black beauty model f48a
For pure longevity, a Buck Metro that my father gave me for Christmas rode on my keychain for more than a decade. That said, I had recently gotten my Manix 2 XL when I opened my business and it's almost certainly done more cutting than any other knife that I've carried regularly.
Certainly my Super Edge.


I've been going out of my way to use my EK&T Companion daily, so it's getting there.
Lately it's been my little S90V kiridashi. Just a workhorse in the shop for draw cuts and scoring materials I love it!

My 111mm SAK (Victorinox Adventurer) gets more use than any knife I own since it's in my pocket all the time.
These are the two I have beaten on the most :)


As far as most used... I rotate through a bunch of knives, its the one I use for food generally gets used the most.


Benchmade 531 - This my most carried knife. Its the perfect cardboard and food slicer. Its super light and I never know its there, and yet its always there when I reach for it. I always have another knife of the day choice, but this is always there.
Well, most used would be a SAK of some sort, it was my Officer until I gave it to a friend, now a Camper. For most use overall it would be my Vic Sentry I carried solely for a decade, and still carry from time to time. Recently it's the Northfield cattleman and Opinel combo.
Alors, the Vic Sentry is unbeatable, and paired with a MT would suit me fine until it is worn down to death.

My most used (past tense) would be my Uncle Henry Stockman. I carried it every day for well over 30 years. The only reason I retired it is because the main blade was worn down so far that, when closed, the frame didn't cover the point anymore.