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Mountainsmith Lumbar Series Daypack.

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Jan 30, 2008
Up for sale is a New, never used Mountainsmith Daypack and Strapettes. More information on both are available at the Mountainsmith website. Retails for $80 and the seperately sold Strapettes go for $25. Get it here for $95.00 for both. Price reduced to $85.00. Free shipping. $75.00


Includes the detachable shoulder straps.
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Jul 17, 2007
I have this stuff available for trade fodder. If any interest, shoot me a email.
eastwa78 at msn dot com

1964 circulated WA quarter rolls.
40% Kennedy half rolls circulated
Sierra and Hornady .224 bullets
Commercial cast 38/357, perhaps some 45ACP and 45Colt cast bullets.
9mm, 45ACP range brass
NIB Lyman mini-mag 10# furnace
Lee bullet mold 452-255-RF, less than 100 rds poured.
NIB Lee ingot mold
Other loading/casting stuff, I will have to look around.
10 ea used wire gate D's, gates are sticky.
GoLite Gamut Jacket NWT mens large / blue. Just received it, I need a medium. Will return in a week. RETURNED
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