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Jun 4, 2017
U.S. trades only please
Reach me via PM or email, not in the thread.
Little to no feedback as a seller or trader ships first.
All these knives are LNIB or in excellent condition.
For trade I have: https://imgur.com/a/h8CLs8n
XM18 3.5 spearpoint gen 4. In S35vn with stonewashed blade and working finish ti. Pb washers installed.
Benchmade Bugout
Benchmade DLC mini grip in D2 and gold thumb studs
Benchmade proper green micarta
Spyderco para 3

Mainly looking for U.S. folders. My shortlist is:
Other hinderers
Large CRK folders
Microtech socom elite
New Spyderco Native 5 salt
Willing to hear all offers, please include BF name if using email. No need to post "PM sent" or "email sent" in the thread as I'll see them before that.
Can go any which way on trades. Straight across, up, down or cash +/-, multiples either way etc.
Please be specific with your trade proposals. No "I have these knives...." Tell me what you are interested in and what your trade proposal is.
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