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MT karambit xl sized.

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Feb 12, 2006
Hey I gotta Mark Terrell karambit the Typhoid sickness XL. Only one of these ever made. 11 inches D2 steel comes with sheath and trainer. Knife is a user and has wear but other than the finish and a needed resharpening the knife is good.
Open on trades and will respond to all. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE FOLDING STRIDERS! I'm also looking for good watches and nice kbits. These pics are only a few weeks old and the knife has not been handled since










I can also be reached at Lotus19722000@yahoo.com
that knife...omg
must have one!!
i see theres a brake the bevel is that just for looks?
by the way nice tatoo lol :D
Bevel actually gives you two slightly different angled grinds but most importantly allows you to sharpen it without having to worry about messing up the recurve. You are right in that it does have a break also, everything the normal custom Kbit has just in XL size.
Pinoy thats just a smidge too big for me lol. That and I'm a butterfingers with balisong's.
pretty open but l would really like too see some folders or kbits ( and all can be used just not abused ) that I can carry daily this doesn't mean that all offers won't be considered though.
I have a CRKT Desert Cruiser "Iraqi Freedom Certified" Limited Edition; I got it when i was deployed in Iraq. Not all desert cruiser has this logo.
In folders I do like em big but not Crkt. Strider ( Where would I even begin ), Emerson, Abinako's, too many others to name off hand.
Thats a nice knife and definitely a monster but not quite what I was looking for, thanks though.