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My Arius for your Shiro

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Jul 25, 2014
6E9DC267-C6F8-4D76-9BFA-28F69252A1F5.jpeg 6E9DC267-C6F8-4D76-9BFA-28F69252A1F5.jpeg 97141264-BE7F-4D44-9ABF-59964668F9E6.jpeg 3EB3ABC2-823B-4958-A8F4-3B4699CAC488.jpeg D1D74CB1-82BD-4222-9805-04C1EAB06AA2.jpeg I have two mint Koenigs to choose from, a style 57, timascus clip, no lightening pockets. Second up, red CF, with lightening pockets, both have satin rubbed blades, both with boxes etc., I am specifically looking for a 95t, or a silver twill Hati R Shiro, only one for trade, not both, thanks! Easier to communicate at uniball50 at hotmail.com tonight due to the Super Bowl, email me for pics, I keep getting my file is too large.
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