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My collection (lots of cool stuff)!

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May 19, 2008
Just felt like busting out the collection today and taking some pictures. I'm looking to trade a few in the bunch. Probably the Elishewitz Dozer, The Mah, and the RW Prototype. The Burchtrees aren't for trade though.

At very least, enjoy the pics!



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Bingo to Ossa1970! It's a VIS01. It is for trade. It's one serious knife. When I first pulled it out of the case never having seen one in person I though "This thing is a tank!" ... Titanium and steel... Love it.

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Sent'cha email. The Burch isn't up for trade, apologies. If anyone has other Michael Burch knives, much interest in those as trades. I'm in California, so smaller blades are better (but would consider others).

Interested in couple of blades. Please send me an email via Bladeforums link (click my user name). Thanks
Emails sent! Mini-skirmish is up for trade, sure! It's really only the Burchtrees that aren't on the block..

The Elishewitz is an amazing knife, but it's expensive for those that responded. Value wise I think it's probably in the 2k range by now (please correct me if wrong with that estimate).

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To the fella who asked about the fixed blade - that's a "Francine's Etched" cobalt knife. It's cast/molded, and insanely sharp. She usually etches some amazing figures on them but I like the plain look. Francine's Etched Knives via google will give her site.
Also interested in the Spyderco Auto SP119P (just that model) if anyone has for trade!
What is the small folder in the first pic to the far left (looks like you have two of them)?
do you also sell a knife to a German man? I like the crusader forge vis folder.


thanks Bjarne

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