My Father's 70th Birthday

Which for my father's 70th birthday?

  • Spyderco Sage 2

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  • Benchmade Mini Grip 555-1

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Oct 30, 2015
My father turns 70 this month and I have been happily auditioning every knife I didn't already own between $50-$350. He is a very practical DIY engineer type that carrys a SAK Classic at all times, but never anything substantial. He certainly doesn't want any more bulk, but I'd really like to get him something that will be useful working on a project (he's currently replacing all the windows in his house), out in the woods dropping trees, or just out and about. Because of this, I was looking for something built for a lot of comfortable use, but also something classy enough to pull out at dinner, and discrete enough for him to actually carry (deep carry, light in pocket). Currently, his only option other than his SAK is a CRKT KISS that I gave him when I was a teen, or his fixed blade from Vietnam.

So its down to these two knives that both seem like "him" (I've been through them all, trust me):

Benchmade 555-1
Spyderco Sage 2

My question is, which would you rather have if you were the above described person and why? Both are deep carry, the Sage is .5oz heavier but they feel identical in hand for some reason. The Mini Grip's steel is better, but I don't think it will matter. The "Taiwan" stamp on the Sage worries me a bit, but he was in Vietnam and half his stereo equipment was purchased over seas. I'm a big fan of the choil and Spyderco ergos, but the Benchmade is more traditional. I personally like the Sage more from a gift perspective, but I think the Grip may be more practical for him. What do I do?!?! I want to give him the one he'd use more, because in the end that is the one he would appreciate more.

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I vote for the Sage 2. I would actually prefer the Grip, personally, but for a gift like this the Sage has that touch of class the Grip is lacking.
Have you looked at a benchmade 707?? Basically is a mini grip with aluminum handle scales, made in the USA. And a blade steel anyone can sharpen. Should be in the same price range too. I take the pocket clip off mine and let it ride in the coin pocket of my jeans. Weight- btw its lighter than both the mini grip and the sage.
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I'd go with the Sage 2. Both are great knives, but the titanium Sage has a more solid feel. While the Grip has more usable blade, the choil on the Sage allows you to choke up and have more control for "close" work. For what it's worth, I'm 68 and edc either a Spyderco Southard or a Benchmade Rift auto so don't really have a brand preference in this instance.
I'm pretty close to 70, and I'd be most tickled if my son gave me a Mini Grip. (I gave him one a few years ago, and it is his favorite knife. He's not a bad kid, really; he did give me a rainbow Leek and an iPhone.)

Nothing against the Spyderco except that the thumb hole doesn't really suit me, so I have never owned one.
If he has medium large to extra large hands, the Mini Griptilian is not a good choice. Look at the grip design of the Mini Grip compared to the Sage and you will see that the hand is pushed back further on the Benchmade than on the Spyderco. That results in a less than satisfactory grip for many of us. (I have average large hands. I almost always love Benchmade knives but I hated the Mini Grip I had and I eventually gave it away.)

I hesitate to recommend the Sage considering your dad is apparently not really a knife enthusiast. I'm a big fan of Spyderco knives and I am also of his generation. However, many people dislike the main common Spyderco design features--the hole and the blade designs to accommodate that hole. If you're sure he will be okay with that, I'm sure he will love the Sage.
For a user, I'd go with the Sage. It has the extra finger choil on the bottom and the finger choil on the top is deeper (more curved)- excellent for handling.
For a 70 y.o. would say Sage. Classy, light, thin-ish, slicer.

That said have bought my father a Griptilian 551 and my mother a 556. Sage or Grip will do. I'd get him a REI GRIP myself. Think looks better. Really don't care for these grey/blue grips.

I'm 66 and I like the benchmade , the sweep of the blade does it for me , don't need that pointy thing and it looks more comfortable . But that is just old me .
I voted Sage for him, I don't know him though, but I mean really, flip a coin, best out of 5... Fate or Luck decides...

I would, for me, prefer the grip, I like the Wharncliffe-esque blade and axis lock much better.

I also like the idea of, (if it's financially feasible), of buying them both, bring them by the house and "show off" both of them, casually inquiring which one he likes better, and then saying, "here, it's yours". And in doing so you get a new knife too.
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Between the two, I'd go Benchmade. Assuming he's not too much of a knife guy, it will have just enough "new" bells and whistles to perk his interest and enable you to talk about how neat of a knife it is. At the end of the day, regardless of what you get him, he will certainly appreciate it.

If you have the option of buying both, don't and instead, get him a Small Sebenza.
Thanks for all the replies!

It sounds like the Mini Grip is the group choice by a narrow margin. Even some people that said the Sage was a better gift said they would personally rather have (and gave) the Grip as a gift. I have no real brand alliance, but I can't deny my love for Spyderco and was afraid that might sway my choice... when the Grip seems like the more practical user for a non-knife guy. But if it wasn't available with a opener hole, it may not even be on the table ;)

The Small Sebenza was actually one of my first thoughts, and as much as I like mine, it just isn't the user for him. He seriously would never use it after googling it, defeating the purpose of getting him an EDC.

I would love to give him both the Spyderco and Benchmade, but it just wouldnt work. He'd likely say he didn't need a knife and give both back.

I have tried to get comments from him on my knives, and I really regret not asking him if I should "keep" the Sage1 or the Sage2 (Sage1 being lighter and flashier, Sage2 having more of a simple elegance. Not sure which would appeal to an engineer more, but I was clearly betting on the Sage2). He's never held a Sage, but one of his engineer type friends has a Mini Grip. When I let him use my 940-1 he didn't even comment. I asked him what he thought of the GB1 one day and he said it was very heavy (but loved the concept of M4).

Either way, being a non knife guy, he'd likely take the smaller one, which is the Grip.
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Have a look at some of Fallkniven' s folders. They are all high quality modern materials while having a classic flavor.
That's very cool abbazaba! I've never owned a Benchmade but I'd go with that one. I like my SOG and those blade release sliders.
I would give him both and see how he likes the feel of both knives in hand and then go from there ~~ that way you know he will be happy.****