Mystery GAW/Challenge


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Nov 28, 2018
Congrats to the winners. :) Great ending to a fun and interesting GAW challenge. My hats off to you Mike for not only your generosity but also for coming up with a great idea and getting so many to sign up and play along.:cool:

Also that's a fine group of knives for the fellas to select from.:thumbsup:


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May 14, 2018
I'm so excited to be able to win for my friend, @Modoc ED
I assume you have messaged him already, or do you need me to do it?
Mike, this has been hands-down the most fun GAW I've been a part of so far. Very well done!!!
There are some amazing knives there for the winners to choose from, I wouldn't even know where they would begin to decide.
I will also prompt Vince to go play the Lottery and win something for himself. He's been on such a hot streak lately. Congrats to all the winners.
Mar 25, 2005
Yes, I think mine is like yours: the spring keeps the lock engaged. But that is fine with me. My navaja is easy to pinch open, but it stays closed. I carry it in a pouch anyway, mostly to protect my pocket, since I don't usually carry anything else with a knife. My left front pocket is my dedicated knife pocket--since I was about 9 or 10. (I ain't NEVER gonna carry a knife CLIPPED to my pocket!) I do use a belt sheath sometimes.
Thanks for confirming, Vince.
I'd thought ours were all pretty similar, "the palanquilla group" :)
They're unique knives, beautiful knives. I guess I miss the lack of good walk-n-talk with these. A personal preference is all.

My sincere apologies Don, that's trying to do too many things at once, and posting on my phone! :eek: And being middle-aged of course! :rolleyes:

You're quite right! I really hadn't given it much thought (the Vendetta is a pattern I like, but not a practical knife for me), and had assumed that the spring was much the same as on my Okapi knives, but as you say, it is merely a spring for the locking mechanism.

No worries, my friend!
It's nice we learned something about these traditional navajas. Special pieces :thumbsup:

Wow! What awesome prizes Crazy Canuck Crazy Canuck !!

bp398modmwx11 by Pine Moon, on Flickr

This was one very generous GAW, Mike !!
Congratulations Winners :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:
1st Place - JohnDF JohnDF for Modoc ED
2nd Place - Prester John Prester John for JTB_5
3rd Place - CelloDan CelloDan

Yes, Prester John Prester John needs to buy a lottery ticket ;):p
This place is great. I had fun :thumbsup:


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Oct 6, 2017
Wow, what an amazingly generous prize assortment! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks Prester John Prester John again for putting my name forward. I’m also glad to see @Modoc ED win. CelloDan CelloDan :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Mike, thanks again for the giveaway. It was one of the most fun giveaways, if not the most fun giveaway I’ve participated in—I honestly didn’t even wonder about prizes or winning because I was enjoying seeing how everyone was using their choices.
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