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Hi Mark
I'm glad everything went well for you and Bob. He won several auctions from me over a year ago. No payment yet. In a way it turned out to my advantage because I sold them to a reliable customer for about the same as Bob bid for them.
Thank you, and right back to you Mark. The knife was just as you said it would be, and I'm very happy with it. <p>Maybe we will have some more dealings in the future... Take care!:)
Bob has gone out of his way for me on several deals; always quick and reliable.

Thanks Bob!
Bob has a great taste in knives and the few transactions we've had have gone great, this guy KNOWS knives....
I want to thank all you guys for the nice words that you have said about me, it feels good to have support from such respected people.<p>Thanks again, and you all know that the feeling is mutual.:)