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Need a one-of-a-kind item for your Blade?

Schmuckatelli Co

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Oct 23, 2020
Need a one-of-a-kind item for your Blade?

Our Lanyards are the perfect accessory to add some style to your blade!


They feature a custom bead along with a strong lanyard for attachment to your blade.

The stylish beads are cast from the finest LEAD FREE pewter with finished that include: Antique Copper, Antique 18k Gold, Antique Rhodium, 18k Gold, Black Oxidized, Roman Brass, Roman, Copper Hematite and Hematite Matte.


We also cast beads in sterling silver and bronze with an oil-rubbed look.

Our Lanyards come in a variety of styles and colors to match your look.


We also carry Zipper pulls that can be used on a variety of items other than blades that include: backpacks, jackets, clothing, luggage, key fobs, camera bags, straps flashlights, and knives

All Schmuckatelli Co. products are proudly produced, finished, assembled & packaged in the United States of America. We are dedicated to bringing back unique U.S. made products to the mainstream!

We produce beads and lanyards for many knife companies including the following: Emerson, Protech, Brous, DPx, Buck, Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, KABAR to name a few in addition to our own line.

For those who want to pimp their ride Schmuckatelli Co now makes the only Made in the U.S.A. Bronze Skull Shift Knob called “The Rose” with an adapter system that will fit most rides. See it here https://scshiftknob.com/


Take a look at our links below to find the right product for you!

Schmuckatelli Co. - https://www.schmuckatellico.com

Our Products:
Beads - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/collections/beads
Standard zipper pulls - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/collections/zipper-pulls
Standard Lanyards - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/collections/lanyards
Standard Key Fobs - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/collections/key-fobs
Custom “Design Your Own” Lanyards - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/collections/build-your-own-lanyards
Custom “Design Your Own” Key-fobs - https://www.schmuckatellico.com/pro...r-of-your-choice?_pos=20&_sid=35b100988&_ss=r

See examples of our products in use at:
Facebook: facebook.com/SchmuckatelliCompany
Instagram: instagram.com/schmuckatellico/

Knife makers with a website can purchase our product at wholesale cost, contact our sales departeement for more information at sales@scskulls.com

Learn More at: schmuckatellico.com
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