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New CRK knife releasing this weekend?

Discussion in 'Chris Reeve Knives' started by VS_Power, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Vaporstang

    Vaporstang Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 8, 2014
    Beautiful! Will go well with the Seb CF inlays...
  2. bvo85

    bvo85 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 27, 2017
    Having owned both old nick and new nick style mnandis, I have to say I am spoiled and can't imagine owning a new nick style ever again. It's really night and day difference. I was able to 100% open the old nick with one hand each time, and with the new nick, 0% able to open one handed. Don't mean to take the thread off on that tangent as I'm sure this was discussed way before I got on the boards. Great looking knife, but I have to pass unless they revert back to old nick style.
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  3. peterbright

    peterbright Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jul 29, 2016
    I'm ready to order when Saturday comes.
  4. Ernie1980

    Ernie1980 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 19, 2012
    Oh wow that looks nice! It will pair well with my favorite Sebenza, the carbon fiber 21:thumbsup:
  5. TheFactor

    TheFactor Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 26, 2015
    Looks like a keeper no doubt :thumbsup:
  6. blackend

    blackend Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    two on the way. Sure wish they would make a 3.5" version. CRK couldn't make enough of them
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  7. DavidABQ


    Jul 31, 2017
    I really need to stop coming here. The temptations are simply too great for me.
  8. blackend

    blackend Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    First batch gone...
  9. 1AbominAble1


    Jul 26, 2010
    I'm looking forward to getting mine.
    I've liked the Mnandi since Blackend sold me my first one, it's such a nice design that I've tried to keep one in my collection since that first knife was sold.
    I'll be adding this carbon fiber model to an ebony Spirograph and an ebony with a standard blade. Should make quite the trio.
  10. chadridv

    chadridv Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    I think I saw somewhere that they only made 20 (could be wrong). Is there any way to know how many will he made in the future? Will it be a regular item?
  11. bhyde

    bhyde UNNECESSARY EVIL Staff Member Super Mod Moderator Platinum Member

    Mar 19, 2002
    It's a regular item
  12. Lone_Wolfe

    Lone_Wolfe Dazed and Confused Platinum Member

    May 3, 2011
    The first run was 108. They sold out in 37 minutes.
  13. Ptman2000

    Ptman2000 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 8, 2014

    Glad that I got on early to pick one up!
  14. Ptman2000

    Ptman2000 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 8, 2014
    Looks like they must’ve put up a second batch now.

    They are back up for purchase!
  15. Easyrider

    Easyrider Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 31, 2000
    You and me both brother! My wallet cannot handle it!

    Congratulations to everyone who scored one. That is a great looking knive!
  16. Wrobelan


    Aug 28, 2011

    I’m not crazy about the carbon fiber inserts for the mnandi, but I’d love a plane titanium one like you suggest. I’d much rather have a wood version for the price or a mammoth version for a higher price.

    No doubt, we will see great CRK innovations in the future.
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  17. Switchblade_renegade

    Switchblade_renegade Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 20, 2012
    I waited till 5pm my time (3mst time) and got one as soon as they were available n 30 min later were gone! Can't wait to get it!!!

    Guess if a second batch was up it's sold now!! Wow they are selling fast!!
  18. Wavicle

    Wavicle Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 22, 2014
    I kept hitting the refresh button and a few seconds after the hour got an order placed and completed within about a minute. Kudos to BladeHQ for making it a fun way to order-- not knowing if you'd be quick enough to snag one was actually exciting. They did not last long and the production run cited above is way more than I anticipated. Looking forward to this one.
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  19. Grizz484

    Grizz484 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 7, 2018
    I agree with bvo85, Mnandi's with Old Nail Nicks only 100% of the time.
  20. AR_Shorty


    Jan 19, 2008
    Sorry...wrong thread.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018

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