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New Gregory UM-21 SPEAR SF-issue Backpack system

Discussion in 'For Sale: Gadgets & Gear (Individual)' started by Stevedge, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Stevedge


    May 22, 2002
    Absolutely-new & unused Gregory UM-21 SPEAR backpack system, which includes the Mainpack (with the four correct side-pouches), Patrol Pack and Butt Pack, and manual. (The stuff sacks are not included, but any will work...)

    An ultimate system to carry as much as you can, when you need to take everything...and must choose....

    PENDING......shipped to the CONUS (Paypal)


    The retail was over $1,200. for the system: * **http://www.copsplus.com/prodnum2192.php

    Some links:



    ** * * ***************

    Product Info:

    SPEAR / MOLLE Special Forces UM21 Backpack System
    The 21st century warrior demands the best...

    Featuring the latest advancements in state-of-the-art technology, Bianchi International and Gregory Mountain Products have developed the ultimate backpack system for the 21st century warrior. Designed to meet the stringent field requirements of the U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals and Army Rangers, this system combines superior load-bearing technology with advanced backpack design and offers a modular system capable of efficiently carrying up to 120 pounds of equipment. Issued to US Special Operations Forces this is the ultimate backpack system for urban, jungle, desert, mountain or arctic warfare.
    This backpack system is part of the U. S. Government Body Armor Load Carry Program (BALCS) and has seen extensive by American special operations troops in Operation Enduring Freedom.
    For over 20 years, Gregory packs have been world-renowned for their fit, comfort and performance. They have been used extensively as the pack-of-choice for world-class expeditions. Using a CAD/CAM system and precision technology, our R&D team, headed by Gregory founder Wayne Gregory, inventively modified a commercial pack that would transfer the load effectively, allowing for multiple adjustments to fit sizes ranging from the 5th to 95th percentile of the SOF operator.
    In addition to the packs patented suspension system, another key feature of this system is its modularity for use with the U. S. Government Load Carry System (ELCS) and is also compatible with Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) and* BALCS components.
    Developed for long-range reconnaissance missions, this backpack, composed of aircraft-grade aluminum stays, a sturdy internal framesheet, Gregory’s Adjust-A-Cant™ hip belt and patented Flo-FormĀ® II molding technology provides a highly efficient carrying system, capable of supporting extreme loads easily and comfortably.??The pack design provides for customized distribution of weight to allow the wearer to locate the optimum adjustment for various terrain or conditions of any march. By utilizing the pack’s suspension adjustments, weight may be shifted entirely onto the hips, entirely onto the shoulders or distributed evenly between the two. Issued to US Special Forces.

    - MCN 8465-01-F01-0306.*
    - Main Pack Volume: 6337 Cu. In.

    ** ************************************************************
    A review:

    UM-21 UM21 Gregory SPEAR backpack

    If you want a big backpack, the Gregory UM-21 is probably the best made internal frame backpack on the planet today. It is huge, but it is made like a piece of hi-end gear should be. In other words, it is beefy and rugged. Everything about it shouts that it is truly a high quality backpack. But be forewarned. Ultralight it is not, but it was never intended for ultralight weekend camping. It was made for warfare. It was made based on the presupposition that the person carrying the UM-21 backpack would be out in the wild backcountry, possibly under hostile conditions, and would need to be packing a lot of equipment and supplies - but would still need to be mobile over long distances and for substantial periods of time. With that in mind, the UM-21 was obiously built not only for absolute reliability and toughness, it was also constructed with maximum load bearing comfort in mind. A person can easily carry greater than 100 lbs of ultra light weight equipment in this backpack. All the UM-21 needs is a hydration solution, for it has none. Add a MOLLE II 3 litre hydration pouch and a few small MOLLE II pouches (for quick-grab small items) and the UM-21 backpack (main pack, w/4 matching side pouches) shows itself to be the most magnificent bugout bag on Earth. If you like back country camping and backpacking, and also like to take lots of goodies, gadgets and gear along with you (and/or food, or whatever) - then the Gregory UM-21 backpack is the only real choice. It is reasonably indestructable, waterproof enough to withstand heavy rain for hours, big enough to carry most of your garage, and just plain super well built. And it is made in America. You just can't beat it. However, it should also be mentioned that the set-up for this beast is no small chore. The UM-21 has numerous straps and buckles. Numerous. And it can be configured in many different ways - so expect that you will be investing a couple of hours (at least) to fully attach everything and get it looking cool. The actual adjusting for fit/length also is somewhat involved, but a pdf manual can be gotten by searching Google for UM-21 backpack. The UM-21 backpack comes in Desert camo and woodland camo. Too bad it isn't also available in black. The main UM-21 pack is part of a greater system which also includes a rucksack and a buttpack. The buttpack is a super nice addition to either the mainpack or to the rucksack. Certainly buy one if you can find one - just make sure that you pay close attention and do not purchase a 1/6 scale toy buttpack (for action dolls). UM-21 mainpacks seem to usually go for about $265, plus shipping (which will be a little expensive since the backpack is oversized for standard shipping, and when boxed weighs about 18 lbs). Make sure that the unit you intend to purchase has all four matching side pouches! Otherwise you will never find them, ever. The UM-21 mainpack is supposed to have 4 side pouches - one large, one small and two medium pouches that stitch into the MOLLE II webbing on the sides of the main pack. The total pack volume (and versatility) is greatly reduced without the four integrated pouches.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2009
  2. Stevedge


    May 22, 2002
    Bailing out....?? One drives, hopefully....as far as possible.

    Then, when you gotta hoof-it, you'll want to take all you can, and you'll NEED a pack like this....

    Designed such that all three component parts can be carried as one unit, with the Patrol Pack and Butt Pack mounted integrally...

    $$$ Lowered.....

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