New guysays Hi

I've lurked here a little and it seems like an interesting place to learn a thing or two, so I thought I'd register and join in. I've always appreciated good gear, particularly knives, but just picked up a Boker automatic (my first auto), and figured it was time to get educated. I've had decent hunting knives from my Scouting days, currently have a USMC issue K-Bar, and a couple of Buck and Gerber folders. I got back into handguns 2-3 years ago, and well, guns and knives just sorta go together. My meager collection to date consists of a couple of Benchmades (Stryker, Mini AFCK, Darkstar)), Spyderco (Native, ladybug), Gerber, CRKT (M-16, KISS, StiffKiss). These things are addictive, aren't they. I mean, you can't have too many, and there are always new and intereting ones from somewhere, etc. Does this mean I'm going to have more of those "what do you need another . . . . for?" converstions with my wife? (could be worse, she does like the SAK I got her, and she seems at least entertained by teh Boker). What happens when I acquire a taste for them Sebenza things? Oh, well, so many knives . . . M2 the DARK SIDE!!!
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Nov 6, 1999
Welcome Mike!

It's always good to see a lurker join up. Sounds like you have a good start as a knife knut. At least you recognize your problem and have come to exactly the right place to get treatment.

You even know about the dangerous mind control effects of Sebenza's. I'm afraid to tell you this, but if you are thinking about it, you will have a sebbie in you life soon. A good place to look for one is in the individual for sale/trade forums.

That Boker speedsafe is an interesting knife. But there are Much better autos, factory and custom. Almost as dangerous as the Sebenzanistas are the Microholics (Mirotech fanatics). Be afraid.

People like knives for lots of different reasons. You will know what you like when you see it. Make sure to try to go to a knife show near you soon. That is the best way to see and learn about knives.

If you start selling guns to purchase knives, then you know you have really gone over the Edge.

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Welcome Mike,

As Para said you have definitely come to the right place.
As a qualified knife addiction therapist, I would for my regular fee of one knife per session be willing to council you.
I think that at one session per week for say, four or five years, we would be able to greatly increase my knife collection and do absolutely nothing about your addiction to knives.
On the other hand, I think we could make great progress on your being able to accept your wifes comments on the ever increasing amount of knives. If you were to bring her along we just might be able to turn her into a knife knut as well.
What do you say? Only one knife per session for all that piece of mind.

Welcome Mike. Hope you enjoy Blade Forums and its cast of characters as least as much as I do.

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Welcome Aboard Mike!
Look at the bright side, after you acquire a pile of about 50 or 60 knives, your wife will never notice when the pile gets one knife larger!

So the "What do you need another knife for?" is only a short term problem in what will hopefully be a long term addiction. Just come up with 50 or 60 excuses and after that it's all gravy.

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Welcome to BFC Mike!!

I think that you'll find that there are a few people here that "Know a thing or two about a thing or two".
Just do yourself a big favor and don't put me into that category.

--The Raptor--
Welcome Mike,between buying knives and hanging out here,you'll have a blast!

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Welcome, Mike. Since you seem to have a pretty good handle already on the production stuff, I'm thinking it is time for a custom!!!
Welcome, Mike! Glad to have you on board with the rest of us.

Welcome to our madness Mike! I think you will enjoy yourself and learn alot.(I know I have!) This place is a great support group for the knife addict. I'll go ahead and start you on the first step of the program, go play with, or better yet, buy a Microtech. Then you will fall on into the black hole with the rest of us. Have fun!

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Welcome Mike you'll have a lot of fun here and I hate to say it but yes you'll eventually have to have one of those "what do you need another one for?" conversations. But It'll be worth it.
Welcome!! They're right you know.....I've got so many now, I've run out of places to keep them! And for those of you that I'm sure will offer to find other homes for them......

Welcome to the home, Mike.
You are among friends, it is all of those other people that are strange...
When it comes to the wife, there is always the "Pocket book" retort.
And if it gets really bad there is the "Shoe Gambit"
Get your new toys shipped to the job, paid from your Swiss account.
If your latest purchase is noticed, use the line
"This old thing?"
I remain,

Welcome, Mike.

You will find that frequenting this place does wonders for your creative talking skills, like explaining the $400 item in the credit card bill to the wife or saying, "Honey, that that knife isn't new, its been in the drawer for ages" with a straight face. One tip: It helps to rehearse a bit.


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Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome aboard Mike! You are at a very crucial stage right now in becoming a KNIFEAHOLIC. We encourage that kind of thing here. So rest assured, you are among fellow addicts who will support your cravings and indulgences. We have a ten step program here. Step ONE is in admitting that YOU DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! The rest of the steps involve buying sharp things and then buying more sharp things.


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Welcome Mike, always good to have another Virginian in our midst.