New Release: 1292 D2 Extreme Straight Edge and 1493 TDI Investigator

Discussion in 'KA-BAR Knives' started by OFFICIAL_KA-BAR, Mar 3, 2020.


    OFFICIAL_KA-BAR Moderator Moderator

    Aug 3, 2011
    You asked for it and we heard you! The new 1292 D2 Extreme STRAIGHT EDGE. Made in the USA with D2 steel. Also introducing the new TDI 1493 Investigator, a streamlined, low profile fixed blade ideal for everyday carry. Now available at


  2. Tanker 1/66

    Tanker 1/66 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2015
    No serrations:):thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. MolokaiRider

    MolokaiRider Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    I’m buying that. Love it!
  4. popedandy

    popedandy Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 8, 2006
    Just when I thought I didn't need another knife. :)
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  5. GeofS

    GeofS “Nostra-bladus” Platinum Member

    Mar 9, 2018
    Yay! I’ve been wanting that D2 Extreme for a while now. Thanks for listening. :)
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  6. 1066vik

    1066vik Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2009
    extreme dogshead!
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  7. zanussi01


    Jan 3, 2012
    Straight Edge D2! Birthday Prezzie for myself sorted! Thanks KA-BAR!:thumbsup:
    Now if only you can do no serrations with the 1271,please!
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  8. Makael

    Makael KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Platinum Member

    Oct 17, 2015
    Nice. Love it
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  9. DunkEm

    DunkEm Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 9, 2013
    1292 D2. Going to have to get one of those.
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  10. Batleship


    May 6, 2017
    Thank you, could you also do a leather handle model also.
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  11. bearfacedkiller

    bearfacedkiller Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 23, 2014
    Yea!!! Finally a plain edge D2 extreme! Thanks for listening!!! Gonna need a wrench knife too.
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  12. jmh33

    jmh33 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 16, 2003
    I see a TDI in my magic mirror...:D
  13. rxavage


    Aug 16, 2014
    Sweet. I’ll be snagging one of those 1292 d2 extreme se.
  14. Batleship


    May 6, 2017
    I agree a1271 with no serrations would be great, just got the D2 today wow what a great knife.
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  15. Roguer


    Jan 5, 2015
    About time! That extreme straight edge I'll have to get just straight on principle!
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  16. Batleship


    May 6, 2017
    This knife would be perfect if it had stacked leather washers.
  17. kaos 13

    kaos 13

    Apr 30, 2019
    think I'm buying a ka bar d2 extrem now
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  18. LuckyC


    Feb 3, 2010
    I guess I need to get one of these because back in 2015 I asked for a D2 Extreme without serrations . It reminds me of my KA-BAR Next Generation in stainless.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2020
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  19. dd61999


    Sep 12, 2007
    I love my TDI but I always wanted a shorter handle for edc. I saw this post and immediately ordered two of them
  20. jmh33

    jmh33 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 16, 2003
    Are they open and shipping???

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