New tactical knife company.

Mar 18, 1999
Anybody know anything about a new knife company called TOPS? I read an article on them, and checked out the web site ( I want to get the Steel Eagle 3, I'm a sucker for a big blade. Any help would be appreciated.
I can't say that I know anything about them but I did manage to find a better site to view what I think is the same line.

Check out;

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Sid Post, one of our members is a dealer for TOPS. He is sending me 2 of their knives to check out and decide which I want. I will post a mini review after I get them.
Thanks, I'd love to hear your comments on these knives. They look really tough, and the prices are reasonable.
Check out Ron Hood's site at

I believe that TOPS also makes the anaconda knife that is found on his site. Pretty cool looking blade. Don't know about the 1075 steel though...


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I have my second shipment of these knives on the way. As mentioned above, I do sell them so if you think that may bias my words, you've warned upfront.

These knives are well worth the money. Mike and Helen Fuller, who run Tactical OPS USA are very easy to deal with and I recommend you give them a call if you have questions. These knives are new to most people but, are starting to catch on as you can see from Ron Hood's website and his part of the Anaconda. The Steel Eagle series is the one most people are interested in but, there are several other models that are well worth a look. The "hunter's point" models have a little bit of a recurve edge that really catches my eye when I look at then. The saw back is a very agressive cut that just begs to be used. The knives are generally 1095 differentially heat treated but, I have special ordered some 15 inch models in 5160. "TOPS" gives you a lot of blade for the money and, as I mentioned before, Mike and Helen are great people to deal with.

If you would like pictures and/or prices of the Steel Eagles emailed to you, please email me OFFLINE.

Sid Post
I sell Mission, TOPS, CRK, and few others in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas metroplex.
I just checked out those knives, and for the money, good carbon steel, micarta handles, good design. Well worth the money.
whoa!! Their "self-defense" tanto is one mean monster - I love the handle design - but I have to wonder what is the point of having only two saw-teeth near the point of the blade? They cut very deeply into the spine, and appear to weaken the last couple inches of blade considerably for no practical benefit - two sawteeth simply won't saw a thing. Without the teeth there I would buy one of these in a heartbeat & send my CS Kobun packing.
I have met the folks from TOPS, Mike Fuller is a great guy, and has been said, you cant go wrong for the money! Mike has tried to hire me twice now, and I have to say if I was going to work for an outfit I believe Mike would be the one! Nuf said.
If y'all like the design of these knives, check out Newt Livesays line of larger fighting and utility knives. (Bu-Shi, Wasp, 82nd Airborne, Air Assault, etc.)

Here is one link:

Here is another:
This place has another one by Newt called ICU. (I assume that's where it will put you!)
There is a new series called Storm Rider coming out soon from TOPS and Mark Sexon is suppose to be jungle-testing it in March. I have yet to find any pictures on them.


I actually have a Storm Rider in stock! I will be working on pictures tonight and hopefully will have something available online tomorrow. Lewis will have a good look at it next week and I'm sure he will be able to provide feedback on it as well.


Sid Post
I am a dealer for and stock:
Mission Knives & Tools, Inc.,
Tactical OPS USA from Idaho Falls, ID,
Chris Reeve Knives,
the Krill Lamp from Kriana Corp.,
Underwater Kinetics flashlights and,
Streamlight Flashlights,
with other fine products being added as they are found and time allows
Thanks for all the info. I wrote Mark Sexton via email, and am getting a brochure.
man oh man - comparing the Storm Rider to the Air Assault on the CQS site mentioned above - they are both beautiful! I still can't figure out those two sawteeth on the storm rider tho' - anyone have any idea what purpose they are supposed to serve? Also, what's with the odd holes on the thumb ramp of the storm rider???
I have a Steel Eagle 111. Its a great knife but I am having problems getting it sharp. However my sharpening skills are subpar. Sid Post, how many models does TOPS have out right now. I know of the CAT, Police, steel eagle,anaconda and storm rider. Do they have any others?
You can call TOPS @ (208) 542-0113.

Models I'm aware of:
Steel Eagles 5 to 15 inches - Tanto and Hunter's Point
Storm Rider
Hawk Recon

They are adding models time in the production cycle allows. Their current literature lists Folders and Automatics which are due out in May. The Storm Riders are available with and without the "teeth" on top.

I had hoped to have pictures available by now but, between my scanner and camera, everything just comes out as a dark spot. I can scan the literature for anyone that's interested which is a step in the right direction until I get hooked up with some sort graphics artist who can get my digital images to look right.

The two sawteeth are actually a bone scoring tool. It is on Ron Hoods website.
Thanks Sid Post. For those of you eager to have a first look, check out:

A bone scoring tool??? I'm confused. Why would you want to score a bone?

-Cougar Allen :{)