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NIB 47a FOR TRADE! macro pics!

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Jul 28, 2008
Hey guys, I have a 100% NIB Benchmade 47a Tlatch for trade. This knife is almost impossible to find, let alone in NIB condition! It has the box/papers/sheath! This beauty has been a safe queen since it came out of the factory. Now its time to move it on. I need some knives that I can actually carry and get some use out of. What Im looking for is HIGH end folders(not looking for a cheapy and cash, nor am I looking for 2-3 low enders) What I want is some high quality liner/frame locks. They MUST be M/A only, I cant have these taken by LEO's. Maybe balisongs, but NO FHMS! I can do a strait up trade, or if its a nice enough knife, Ill add some cash on top. I have some pics, taken in macro mode, so you can see without question the condition of the knife.




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