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NIB Hinderer XM-18 3" Tri-Way Pivot M390 Slicer $315, Also Additional Hardware and Scales

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Dec 3, 2015
Not looking for any trades unless you have older/rare GEC traditionals. I take Venmo and PayPal, price includes fees and shipping to CONUS.

For sale is a new/never used/uncarried Hinderer XM-18 3" no choil slicer grind with tri-way pivot (bearings installed) with purple anodized frame. This is a DLT exclusive. I am not the original owner, but that person installed bronze standoffs and overtravel stop (nice touch, matches the anodization in between the jimping. The blade is centered, rock solid. Nice detent, flips like a rocket. Superb smooth action, blade will drop closed with a little shake. Comes with the box and the tri-way pieces. $325 shipped/fees included or $315 shipped F&F

Also available are a full brass hardware set, installed briefly on the knife and then removed when I decided to sell it. New these are $60, this one is yours for $45 shipped.

Also available are two additional scales from Hinderer, $65 from a dealer. One in OD Green, one in Blue/Black. Each one is yours for $25 shipped

Hardware and scales are cross listed in gear, but... If you buy the hardware/one or both of the scales with the knife, I'll discount the price a bit since I'm saving shipping. The brass looks really cool with the purple ano.






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