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NICE PAIR... of Mayo TnT knives


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Nov 16, 2000
Take your pick, they're medium size. Devlin Thomas stainless damascus or Stellite 6K. 100% MINT condition, never used, never carried.

Low as I go...
$600 each (+ shipping)
PAYPAL OK on your 3%


I do, but it's more like PAYPAL takes from us!!!!
And by the way, Mr. Fisher was my father and he's dead, call me Bill.
Last time...

$600 each + shipping
PAYPAL OK on your 3%

OK fine.....you've forced me into it. If these are still available I will take them both.

At work now, will email you later tonight.
sweet....email sent.

Looking forward to getting my first Mayos. One for every day and one for dressy occasions :)

Now to sell off 4 other nice customs to pay for this unplanned expenditure.......oh well, I think it will be worth it.
ooops....I always forget that the computer at work always automatically signs in with another guys user name who also works there.

This isn't the first time I've done that!!!!

Sorry eric :)